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    Protect rapper Offset.

    "On April 27th, Offset [black] was at a Target in Sandy Springs, Georgia, when a man began filming him without his consent. In the video, which has since been widely circulated, Offset can be seen swatting away the phone. Now, Sandy Springs police have issued an arrest warrant and a felony charge for damage to property -- a charge that could take the musician away from his life, career, and family for years -- all for the petty offense of swatting away a phone.A split second moment of frustration that resulted in a damaged phone should not land someone with a felony record and 5 years behind bars." -- Color Of Change

    Here's my message to the DA:
    I hope no one's calling Offset a scofflaw over this; the ridiculous prank of bringing a felony charge for swatting away a phone is the kind of thing that gets people to scoff at the US's law system. Help restore dignity to the law by simply having Offset pay for the phone and telling the phone's owner to be sure to get a person's permission before photographing them from now on.

    Did Frank Sinatra [white] ever get busted even when he expressed his frustration with importunate photographers by punching one in the face?

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    Re: Protect rapper Offset.

    More insanity! I'll repost on my FB page, and SIGN!
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