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    Earth Wisdom Immersion

    Friday, July 12th;2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
    Where Occidental
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    July 8-12, 2019


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    We live in a time where modern science is helping us rediscover what our ancestors knew: that the same creative force which brought forth the stars and Redwoods is also coursing through, and informing, each one of us. If we are to express our fullest potential and create resilient, thriving communities for future generations, it is essential that we free ourselves from the predominant story of separation, and open to what our ancestors knew: that we are an inherent part of the larger unfolding that brought us forth.

    The Earth Wisdom Immersion draws from contemporary and ancient Earth-based wisdom traditions to support an embodied experience of what it is to live into our true inheritance, intimately connected to each other and the whole Earth community. Kerry Brady, founder and director of Ecology of Awakening, and David Tucker, director of Pachamama Journeys, weave together their years of experience in both South and North America to s
    upport direct engagement with that which seeks to awaken and guide us. By coming together in community and engaging in mutually reflective encounters with the land and with each other, we will create a vibrant ecology that invites us to listen and respond to the way life speaks to each of us. In this mysterious and fertile ground, we gain access and insight into how our unique expression and gifts fit into the deep needs of our ti

    Join us to:

    • Recognize and re-member our deepest identity and place within the larger unfolding web of Life
    • See yourself and the world from a new perspective
    • Discover the power of ceremony from a cross cultural perspective and how ceremony lives within you
    • Immerse in living systems in order to support our ability to be, think and act like an ecosystem, in partnership with Life
    • Open to a new way of listening and responding to what is dreaming and calling us individually and collectively
    • Honor the personal and collective impact of these times
    • Learn skills that ignite our innate resilience and capacity to show up with our fullest self and gifts
    • Connect with like-minded souls dedicated to living into a new story for our times
    • Be nourished with local, seasonal and organic meals in community
    • Relax and recalibrate your being on the land, and the refreshingly beautiful on site pond

    For five days we live in the rolling coastal hills of Occidental, CA in a spectacular endemic ecosystem marked by abundant wildlife, active waterfalls, coastal prairie meadows, old-growth fir and oak woodlands that dwell in serpentine soils. We will dance with council practice, solo time on the land, nature-based processes, listening meditation, inner and outer tracking, dream-work, somatic resiliency work, ceremony and other time-proven practices and processes that usher us towards dissolving our borders and discovering our deepest identity and belonging. Our fabulous chef, Nora, will nourish us with local, organic meals and her beaming presence!

    : In order to support greater intimacy and connection with the Earth, we will be sleeping in tents, living comfortably on the land. This is an opportunity to re-connect with our innate rhythm and re-discover our deepest belonging, where we are nourished and informed by the whole. Many who have never or seldom camped are deeply fed by the discovery of their love of being immersed on the land.

    Who this is for?

    The Earth Wisdom Immersion is for those awakening from the predominant cultural story of separation who are, in their unique way, working towards a resilient, thriving Earth community for future generations. The program is designed for those who have the capacity to move fluidly between inner/personal and outer/collective experience rather than for those who may, at this moment, be primarily focused on their own personal/trauma healing. While it is not designed primarily to promote personal healing or resolve issues, healing, personal clarity and deep connection can be natural outcomes of the process. To help us ensure that the program aligns with you, and our, deepest intentions, we’ve developed an APPLICATION.

    Dates & Location

    Monday, July 8, 12:00 PM - Friday, July 12, 2:00 PM 2019;
    Bohemian Ranch (West Sonoma County), Occidental, CA

    For more information or to apply click HERE

    For questions contact: [email protected]
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