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    Moon's Avatar

    PLEASE vaccinate children.

    I now know a womon whose mother wouldn't let her be vaccinated against measles and who then got measles and lost her hearing and a lot of the development of her brain; institutionalized for life.

    "Late in the day on Wednesday, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released a statement calling the recent measles outbreak across the country, the
    “greatest number of cases reported in the United States since measles was eliminated from this country in 2000.” According to the CDC, there are 695 confirmed cases, across 22 states. This includes the outbreaks in Washington state and New York City, driven by communities poisoned by misinformation about the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

    "This anti-science and anti-health charlatanism has been promoted by citizens across the political spectrum, but it has only seemed to have found a home amongst conservative politicians, as a political promotional tool. The pigheaded quality of the opposition to vaccines has led to parents suing state and city boards of health in order to allow their unvaccinated students return to schools during the outbreak.

    "The reality around infectious diseases is that they are frequently “highly” infectious. One sick person can quickly lead to dozens, especially if vaccination rates for the disease are not above 90 percent in the areas where the disease appears. Madagascar, with just over a 50 percent vaccination rate has been hit with a measles outbreak unprecedented in the country’s history—with well over 1,200 dead, and at least 115,000 infected with the disease. What is happening in Madagascar is terrifying, but as anti-vaccination sentiments continue in our country, declining immunization rates threaten all of us, and most specifically those people with already compromised immune systems that actually cannot get vaccinated, and depend on herd immunization for protection."

    Walter Einenkel, in The Daily KOS
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    Re: PLEASE vaccinate children.

    Vaccination for kids is so important. Nobody should miss it.
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    sharingwisdom's Avatar

    Re: PLEASE vaccinate children.

    Is your statement a joke? My grandson is vaccine injured with epilepsy. My friends have children who died.

    49 vaccines mandated before 7 yrs old in California is healthy??

    The right for doctors to give medical exemptions can be taken away today with SB 276 and given to a state bureaucracy that is paid off by Big Pharma/CDC, a no liability industry thanks to Reagan's decree in '86.

    Dr. Ken Stoller was arrested for giving legitimate medical exemptions in San Francisco 2 weeks ago. Lawyer Alan Phillips arrested and jailed for defending vaccine cases and being held with no charges against him.

    Dr. Ron Kennedy in Santa Rosa is suing the Ca. Medical Board for their unlawful acts of forcing medical records of patients to be confiscated.

    This is a medical mafia that has nothing to do with's the fastest growing industry beside child sex trafficking. Over $3 billion paid out in VAERS for vaccine injury.

    Vaccines have NEVER been proven safe and effective. Even Jenner's son succumbed to death from being inoculated with cow pus.

    RFK jr won a case against FDA and DHHS last year, besides the Roundup case, as the agencies could NOT produce not one study of safety or effectiveness since they have NEVER studied vaccinated vs non vaccinated population. And Roundup is an ingredient in vaccines along with Hg, Al, formaldehyde, Pig and human DNA, and way more.

    I won't support your stance nor will the thousands who are demonstrating at the state capital... parents, grandparents, doctors, nurses and many who have vaccine injured children.

    Of course msm is not going to report this because they are owned by the same industries.

    Quote Posted in reply to the post by Rachel83: View Post
    Vaccination for kids is so important. Nobody should miss it.
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    Moon's Avatar

    Re: PLEASE vaccinate children.

    OK, how about we have a serious, issue-focused, non-snide (since no one would make up such a horror story as a "joke") discussion?
    Last edited by Barry; 05-22-2019 at 09:38 AM.
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    EmeraldMatra's Avatar

    PLEASE DON'T vaccinate children.

    I had mumps, measles, and chickenpox as a child. Is this why I have a great immune system? These are normal childhood illnesses. Children who play in dirt, are exposed to bacteria, and get the flu once in a while will grow up much healthier. The body is designed to recover from illness. The immune system knows what to do. Our bodies don't need any extra help to be well. Eat healthy, get enough exercise, rest and relax, live with a good work/play balance, have loving relationships, maintain a good mental state, and stay away from toxins, including vaccinations. This recipe for health has been working for a long time.
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    podfish's Avatar

    Re: PLEASE DON'T vaccinate children.

    Quote Posted in reply to the post by EmeraldMatra: View Post
    I had mumps, measles, and chickenpox as a child. Is this why I have a great immune system? ...
    that's partly true. It, along with good genes and good luck, is indeed probably why your immune system is good. The place you turn to wishful thinking is "our bodies don't need any extra help to be well". You say "much healthier" - well, they aren't all much healthier, just a good statistical number of them are. Living pure, even if it was possible given the emf pollution, (I kid... but really, there are a lot of natural and man-made environmental threats) is only something that improves your odds. Being 'normal' doesn't make illnesses harmless. And if the immune system "knew what to do" there wouldn't be auto-immune diseases.

    The anti-vax stuff is based on these Pollyanna-ish ideas, instead of a consideration of relative risks. Just because something seems to have worked for you doesn't give you much of a sense on how it'll scale. Plus, people have a tendency to treat evidence they don't like as somehow suspect, to ignore examples that counter their predilection, and to grasp for supporting evidence. We all do it, but we all should also try hard to counter those tendencies by looking at the arguments that support an opposite position. I find the evidence against vaccines doesn't support the conclusions drawn from it, while the evidence in their favor does support the idea that vaccines are a major reason average life spans are now so much longer. Whether you think that's a good thing is a different question.
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    Re: PLEASE DON'T vaccinate children.

    Collection of data about vaccine side effects is suppressed by the federal government. This is both an open conspiracy and an old thread. We don't know the efficacy of vaccines because of collusion between large beaurcratic institutions. Parents making their own decisions about their children's health are increasingly excluded from society with the threat of criminalization. Hygiene theory struggles to gain societal acceptance because it's not a money maker. Just look at the latest research on hand washing. Good intention is too often stupid, cloaked in logical scientific jargon.

    Quote Posted in reply to the post by podfish: View Post
    ... I find the evidence against vaccines doesn't support the conclusions drawn from it, while the evidence in their favor does support the idea that vaccines are a major reason average life spans are now so much longer. Whether you think that's a good thing is a different question.
    Last edited by Barry; 05-26-2019 at 10:50 AM.
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    sharingwisdom's Avatar

    Re: PLEASE DON'T vaccinate children.

    Yes, rossmen, the media agenda is spreading Corporate/tobacco science lies, just like what happened in Nazi Germany which has been increasing since 911. Forced mandates in NY Hasidic Jewish communities in certain area codes for measles vaccines...geesh... we had parties when I was growing up...but let the taxpayers fund it, because the vaccine industry has no liability.

     The U.S. Government has paid out more than $4 BILLION to victims injured and killed by vaccines.
     There have been more than 600,000 reports of side effects and adverse health events after vaccines, including paralysis, asthma, heart attacks, organ failure, respiratory failure, ovarian failure, brain damage, seizures, MS, arthritis and even sudden death.
     These are huge numbers, but still much lower than the reality according to a Harvard study published in 2010 that stated that fewer than 1% of all vaccine reactions are reported, that the $4 billion is just the tip of the iceberg.
     However, less than 20% of medical professionals even know the reporting system exists (VAERS). So real adverse reactions numbers are far, far higher.
     Using their estimate, more than 6 MILLION Americans have been harmed by vaccines. Imagine how much money this makes for the pharmaceutical industry.

    Despite assurances from CDC and our Federal agencies that all vaccines are safe, the payouts and the reports say otherwise.

    Vaccine reactions can and do happen—to previously healthy children and adults.
    Personal stories of those whose lives who have been damaged or taken away by vaccines,

    And everybody deserves to know the facts about the full range of vaccine risks. My friend, Merck whistleblower Brandy Vaughn, has a site with real scientific research...a thousand studies showing the side effects and new heath issues that vaccines can and do cause:

    Merck created a “hit list” to destroy, neutralize or discredit dissenting doctors

    Quote Posted in reply to the post by rossmen: View Post
    Collection of data about vaccine side effects is suppressed by the federal government. ...
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    geomancer's Avatar

    Re: PLEASE vaccinate children.

    Two of the three wild strains of polio have now been eradicated world wide. Only Afghanistan and Pakistan remain infected, thanks largely to fanatics who murder health care workers. Certain ignorant anti-vaxers around here attribute the eradication of polio to better sanitation, which clearly is not the case in rural Africa.

    Africa declared free of wild polio in 'milestone'

    Polio usually affects children under five, sometimes leading to irreversible paralysis. Death can occur when breathing muscles are affected.

    Twenty-five years ago thousands of children in Africa were paralysed by the virus.

    The disease is now only found in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    There is no cure but the polio vaccine protects children for life.

    Nigeria is the last African country to be declared free from wild polio, having accounted for more than half of all global cases less than a decade ago.

    The vaccination campaign in Nigeria involved a huge effort to reach remote and dangerous places under threat from militant violence and some health workers were killed in the process.
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    Moon's Avatar

    Re: PLEASE vaccinate children.

    What was the murderers' issue with vaccinating children against polio? Did they just want to weaken the population in general so they could rule the countries, or what?
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    geomancer's Avatar

    Re: PLEASE vaccinate children.

    Islamic fundamentalists.

    Quote Posted in reply to the post by Moon: View Post
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    M/M's Avatar

    Re: PLEASE vaccinate children.

    Vaccine-derived polio spreads in Africa after defeat of wild virus

    Quote Fresh cases of disease linked to oral vaccine seen in Sudan, following outbreak in Chad.

    A new polio outbreak in Sudan has been linked to the oral polio vaccine that uses a weakened form of the virus.

    News of the outbreak comes a week after the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that wild polio had been eradicated in Africa.

    .... The WHO warned on Monday that the risk of further spread of vaccine-derived polio across central Africa and the Horn of Africa was high, noting the large-scale population movements in the region.
    this is also happening in India, which is why Bill & Melinda et al are no longer welcome there.

    See also:

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    wisewomn's Avatar

    Re: PLEASE vaccinate children.

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    M/M's Avatar

    Re: PLEASE vaccinate children.
    Quote Promising to eradicate Polio with $1.2 billion, Gates took control of India ‘s National Advisory Board (NAB) and mandated 50 polio vaccines (up from 5) to every child before age 5. Indian doctors blame the Gates campaign for a devastating vaccine-strain polio epidemic that paralyzed 496,000 children between 2000 and 2017. In 2017, the Indian Government dialed back Gates’ vaccine regimen and evicted Gates and his cronies from the NAB. Polio paralysis rates dropped precipitously. In 2017, the World Health Organization reluctantly admitted that the global polio explosion is predominantly vaccine strain, meaning it is coming from Gates’ Vaccine Program. The most frightening epidemics in Congo, the Philippines, and Afghanistan are all linked to Gates’ vaccines. By 2018, ¾ of global polio cases were from Gates’ vaccines.
    The Nation has done very in-depth research following money trail of Gates' donations... and so much more...
    Quote close to $250 million in charitable grants from the Gates Foundation to companies in which the foundation holds corporate stocks and bonds: Merck, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, Vodafone, Sanofi, Ericsson, LG, Medtronic, Teva, and numerous start-ups—with the grants directed at projects like developing new drugs and health monitoring systems and creating mobile banking services.

    Quote Posted in reply to the post by wisewomn: View Post
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    M/M's Avatar

    Re: PLEASE vaccinate children.

    Well-written, well-researched historical perspective:
    Did vaccines really save the world?

    Quote Posted in reply to the post by M/M: View Post
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    Moon's Avatar

    Re: PLEASE vaccinate children.

    This is a very interesting document. Do you know of anything similar about the flu that killed so many people in the US? Was there some lapse in housing, nutrition, sanitation or whatever that would account for such a devastating epidemic? Or was it just that it was a brand-new flu mutation and no one had any antibodies to it?
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    M/M's Avatar

    Re: PLEASE vaccinate children.

    Quote Posted in reply to the post by Moon: View Post
    Great questions. I've looked into this.. there is a lot of info. These are notes of one of best lectures I heard on topic. Lengthy, but hopefully interesting and helpful.

    Quote Influenza has been known since time of Hippocrates in Greece as an epidemic respiratory illness that strikes in wintertime. In 2000 years, only one flu epidemic had a high mortality rate: 1918. It mainly effected people in their prime, rather than the more typical flu which mainly affects infants & elders populations.

    Pathophysiology: Two types of flu: A: humans, pigs, chickens B: humans Type A is particularly problematic - living and mutating in many life forms. New strains make it difficult to develop permanent immunity. New strains spread very quickly around the world as no one has immunity to them. Pandemic does NOT refer to deadliness of flu but rather: the high numbers who fall ill, plus the strain on medical resources.

    Viruses are unable to reproduce on their own. They require specific cells to live inside of. E.g. Hepatitis lives in liver cells or hepatocytes; West Nile viruses live in central nervous system; influenza viruses live in epithelial cells of the throat, trachea, bronchi in respiratory tract.

    In a normal influenza course, there is an 18- to 72-hour incubation period. Virus is usually cleared from body by day #7. Depending on type of virus, our immune system generates very specific pro-inflammatory cytokine surges - over and above normal cytokine levels - in initial 6 days. (Typical for a mild case of flu: two cytokines - peak day #2 - 17x normal and again day #5 - 14x normal; another cytokine will peak day #4 then drops rapidly; another peaks day #4 (59x normal) lingering into day #6. (Complications: Fever can lead to possible dehydration. Disease can progress to possible viral pneumonia or bacterial pneumonia; death can occur - if there is predisposing weakness.)

    Excess cytokine response may occur: in pneumonia; with multi-organ infection; or with a deficient level of Vitamin D

    In a large retrospective study of 1918 flu that killed millions around the world: the ONLY 3 things that seemed to help people to survive were: going early to bed, staying in bed for a FULL week, and good nursing or self care. The tricky thing about cytokine production is that many can be free of fever by day #2, many can feel strength return by day #4... However, by not staying in bed until day #7, more complications are likely to occur. Flu illness comes in waves. There will be a lull and you feel better. However, another cytokine surge is going to come. Flu has a 7-day cycle with various cytokines getting produced. BEST RX: STAY HOME AND REST.

    Enter Vitamin D: There has been a huge re-look at its role w/influenza. The first article was in 2006: one can 'see' what happened to article and Vitamin D Council here: (Various 'health professionals' have been quite busy undermining alternatives to vaccines or drugs -- this is part of a very long history in U.S. discrediting all other forms of healing except for Allopathic Medicine.)

    Vitamin D was first discovered in 1920, shortly after the 1918 killer flu epidemic, because of a disease known as rickets. Rickets hardly ever appeared in rural area or in farm families. It became an issue - in the U.S. - around the 1890s, peaking in the 1920s, then Vitamin D discovered. For 80 years, the idea was that D was a vitamin gotten from food and that you need very little of it to prevent rickets. About 1999, Vitamin D researchers began to think very differently, i.e. rather than a little bit, we need a lot of Vitamin D.

    ONLY in summer in northern latitudes around mid-day, a light-skinned person can make 20,000 IUs of D in 20 minutes; a dark-skinned person would take 3 hours to make that amount. So adults - who work year-round indoors, use sunscreens before they go out - would have VASTLY lower stores of Vitamin D..

    Researchers also discovered that just about every cell in the body has receptor sites for Vitamin D and D has a great many roles in body other than bone development and prevention of rickets.

    If your Vitamin D level is too low, then, your respiratory immunity is too low. Vitamin D helps prevent flu, colds and TB. It also helps fight infections: it activates the respiratory tract immune cells; it also activates that part of the immune system that puts a BRAKE on cytokine storms.

    It has long been a mystery: why do people only get influenza in the winter: from Nov - late January and peaking in February/March. Winter coincides exactly with when people’s Vitamin D stores are the lowest. Those who live in highest northern/southern latitudes have shortest window in summer to build stores. Those who live between 0 - 30 degrees N or South of equator can make D year-round.

    VITAMIN D/SUN RULE OF THUMB: IF YOUR SHADOW IS SHORTER THAN YOU, YOU CAN MAKE VITAMIN D If your shadow is longer than you, you cannot make D - no matter how long you’re in sunshine. Vitamin D levels - in everyone - are lowest in March. The lower your peak level is, it is very possible to dip into the deficient range during winter.

    How much Vitamin D a person needs is still being sorted out. However, 50 nanograms/mL cut breast cancer risk in half. Also at 50 ng/mL (or less), mothers stopped passing along Vitamin D in their breast milk. So this makes 50 ng/mL seem a threshold amount. Colon cancer risks increase when levels fall below 38-40 ng/mL. With levels below 32, bone metabolism is disrupted. Below 15-18, you get higher amounts of respiratory infections. Below 15, some babies get rickets and adults get osteomalacia (i.e. adult rickets) with signs of: bne ace, muscle ache, muscle weakness. MANY people who live in cloudy areas walk around with osteomalacia. Often they are diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, fibromyalgia, neurosis, et cetera, yet they may have Vitamin D deficiency. This is often seen in the Pacific Northwest for example. People with dark skin may also experience this. Besides sun exposure, people can supplement with oral Vitamin D3.

    Learning from 1918 Influenza Epidemic Current Public Health officials are concerned about a repeat. E.g. in New York City, 50% of people in their prime died from this flu. Mortality rates were lower in countryside (likely because they had higher vitamin D levels). There were also fewer deaths for those in military camps as soldiers’ basic training was often done outdoors in the sun (so also higher D levels).

    In ANY infectious disease, there are TWO main things at play: strength of the pathogenic organism AND person’s ability to resist same.
    Quote From 1913 - 1918: there was mass migration to cities + factory jobs with dawn-to-dusk working hours. Decreased cost of living to 76% led to 40% net loss of buying power for factory workers. There was no sick pay so great pressure to return to work too soon. Severe coal-smoke air pollution in winter blocked sun (though people could not make D in winter above 30-degree latitude anyway). 10% of US population had TB.

    Today, we can increase host resistance to many types of infections with vitamin D3, vitamin C, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin E, and selenium. Elders and infants are at greatest risk as groups. Elders have difficulty making D in their skin (and may have complicating medical conditions); whereas breast fed infants may not get any D from a mom who has D level below 50 as mentioned.

    NEW RISK FACTOR for flu: OBESITY - a burgeoning problem in US starting in 1980s - may have a vitamin D factor as well; vitamin is fat-soluble. In obesity, the D gets sequestered in fat. They need a HIGHER dose of D3. (IT is possible to overdo fat-soluble vitamins-so work w/health care person and dose according to need based on levels.)

    Other factors that led to deaths in 1918 flu could include medical care people received.
    The Standard-of-Care for Influenza in 1918 at John Hopkins:
    *ASPIRIN* Acetanilid, like Tylenol, is immunosuppressive. NSAIDS are immunosuppressive and make infection more long-lasting. Lowering fever allows virus to replicate itself much more, which also makes condition worse.
    Digitalis was given for abnormal heart rhythm. (if dose not carefully monitored it can cause heart stoppage.)
    Opium or morphine sulfate - suppress immune system
    Diphtheria antitoxin - during an acute infection - is actually malpractice!

    North American micronutrient statistics
    Zinc (9 - 50% are deficient)
    A (up to 30% of kids are deficient)
    C (18% are severely deficient)
    E (90% are deficient)
    Selenium (50% have suboptimal level)

    When the above vitamins and minerals are supplemented in one study, they reduced the incidence of upper respiratory infections in elders.

    In the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries during flu epidemics, some people took herbs. In Philly, an Eclectic medical doctor dispensed Boneset tincture to all workers in one factory free-of-charge. Workers were to take 3 - 4 doses per day. Doctor followed the workers. NO WORKER IN FACTORY got the flu when flu swept through the city.

    From 1996 - 2002 (and likely in years after) many scientific studies looked at question: DO IMMUNE-ENHANCING herbs during influenza make cytokines create more extreme inflammation? Answer: They do not worsen inflammation nor do they exacerbate the cytokine storm. Some like Elderberry helped immunity and helped prevent cytokine storm.
    NOTE: No one has immunity to new virus strains. We don't know how mild or severe a new strain will be. However that does not mean our bodies cannot fight them off and, within a week, develop real immunity to specific strains. Pharmaceuticals (such as Tamaflu) attempt to mimic particular cytokines, exactly what our own immune systems create.
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    Jude Iam

    Re: PLEASE DO NOT vaccinate children.

    note another angle of Gates' bid for global control: FOOD

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