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    Clayton Thomas Lynch's Avatar
    Clayton Thomas Lynch

    Occidental Farmers Market: update

    Never forget...The Wizard of OZ...

    So, I am trying to get real answers on what is going on with the Market future and if there is transparency on what the future looks like regarding this.

    No RUMORS!

    The Farmers Market Commitee was formed by business owners and “the community” was never offered a place on the board, other than those in the “know”... The management position got filled in one day... after one meeting and I wonder how many actual applications?

    Tuesday...Tomarrow at 6pm there is a closed door meeting at OAEC... regarding “vendors”... I received this from Lodda, The Indian Cuisene vendor. Sorry if spelled name wrong.

    So I was in Bodega today, Monday...and talked to 2 lifetime members of previous Markets and they do not know of meeting...


    What about folks that want to be “new vendors??? Why? How? Where would they know about this???

    The brother I asked about this confirmed, he is a board member...

    When I inquired, he seemed hesitant to answer, but confirmed. I asked, why is no one informed...He said Vendors only... I said, why haven’t some been notified and what about new members... Yes, I was getting sparked by this, and he said... not going to discuss, you are “excited”...

    MMMMM, this is “Exactly” the way we are tired of “the country” and “county” doing “government”!

    SHADY!!!!! At best...


    VP of Board... Mr. Martin...

    I said: Happy Ressurrection Day on Easter...
    He reply’s: “Isn’t this the day “WE KILLED JESUS!”... for real... I shuttered...

    This is THE VP of your Future Occidental Farmers Market... Proud of killing an innocent man facing Ceasers “Love of Money and Power” Empire... This sound familiar? Like NOW...

    I am not lying... This was said: I would confirm this on a stack of Holy Bibles...

    And it was final thing I needed to hear to confirm what is behind the veil of The Farmers Market...
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