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    Bird Courtship and Breeding Strategies Bird Walk with Lisa Hug

    Sunday, June 16th;8:30 am - 1:00 pm
    Where Laguna Environmental Center, 900 Sanford Road, Santa Rosa
    Cost $55 (Pre-registration required)
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    June is the month when fledglings appear throughout the wetlands of the Laguna, emerging from deep within the tules, out of nests, and from cavities in trees. Often the male parent will take on feeding and protective responsibilities for the youngsters, who are just getting their webbed feet wet, or downy wings in the air. Watching these grebes, ducks, hawks and sparrows, among other birds, taking care of their offspring is a great way to celebrate Fatherís Day! Join us for a fun-filled outing along beautiful, secluded Alpha Farm, which is normally closed to the public. We will begin the day at the Laguna Environmental Center (LEC) and carpool out to the site, and then return to the LEC to enjoy our packed lunches and create a list of birds we saw throughout the day.

    Lisa Hug originally came to California from the Midwest in 1986. She was very involved with Point Reyes Bird Observatory and eventually became a contract biologist and freelance naturalist in the mid-1990s. She has been teaching for the College of Marin, Petaluma Adult School and Point Reyes Field Institute for over a decade. She was president of Redwood Region Ornithological Society for two years and received the Martha Bentley and Ernestine Smith Award For the Dedication to Wildlife Conservation Education in 2009. She was regional coordinator for the Sonoma County Breeding Bird Atlas and is currently one of the Sonoma County Reviewers for . She is the editor for the Birds Checklist for the Laguna de Santa Rosa which can be bought through the Laguna Foundation Store.
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