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    Professional Woman Seeking Housing

    Location:  Sebastopol
    ExpandHello,I am having to leave a living situation that I have loved - shared food garden and spacious land around with two other households on the property, but some changes to the property use mean I must find a new home. The most important criteria for me are:

    • Small 1 bedroom or studio in a private unit, ie not a shared building (unless itís a loft over a workshop space)
    • Nature surrounding or very nearby- Good and mature landmates if a shared property situation
    • I have done communal gardening and take an active role if thatís available.- Bathtub
    • Non-toxic, ie no mold issues, or recent upgrading with any off-gassing paints or carpets.-Gas range*
    • I could give on this if it met all the other parameters.
    • Laundry on site - not an absolute criteria but definitely preferred.

    I have excellent credit and local references. I always improve the outdoor spaces wherever I live and treat the property as if I owned it. Please contact me with a private message here or call 530-559-5667.
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