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    Something Completely Farewellian

    Friday, April 19th;8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
    Where KRCB-Windsor, 91.1 and 90.9 (Wait a minute! WINDSOR!!?)
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    I suspected just the opposite, really. Many, many songs that say "Hello". And that includes at least one song that actually does say "Hello". I mean...if the song says "hello", then what follows is the process of getting acquainted. Then you introduce the person to your dog, and demonstrate how intelligent he/she is. Then comes the complete biography, plus the many, many songs that come after hello. And, FINALLY, the goodbye song. But, if you start with the goodbye song, the next thing you hear, no matter what the music might be, is the sound of the song receding into silence. And that's it! So I wrote down a few of those Farewell Songs...and was amazed! Who woulda thought singers would be lining up to sing "Goodbye"..."Farewell"..."So Long"...even "Hello Goodbye"...and that one's by The Beatles!

    Here's a few samples. We start out with Elton John's Daniel, the best song ever written by a guy watching his friend fly away in an airplane, bound for Spain. Pretty unlikely...but a wonderful song. Soon after, the best song ever written by someone giving someone else instructions for what should and/or will happen when he/she takes the final goodbye. Amazingly poetic song! Soon after that, we hear Goodbye Earl, the story about what can happen when you marry in haste (plus a sure way to repent at leisure.)

    See what I mean? It goes this way until the very last song, which is called (3 guesses!!)...Last Goodbye, by Jeff Buckley, who didn't manage to write very many more after this one.

    So that makes it final. All I have to do is play the four shows I've already put together, plus a couple more that are chasing each other around in my head, plus another couple where I use songs that were left over from other shows, and we'll have...Something Completely Hellovian! I can't wait! (but I will...)
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