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    Re: Glyphosate or Round Up use locally

    Quote Chauncey Gardner wrote: View Post
    Here is a great article and list of Organic and bio dynamic wineries in SC.
    Wine & Water Watch does have a list made last year. One of the problems with making lists is that certified organic and biodynamic wineries also bottle other vintages that are not which is very misleading. An example would be Porter Creek who's estate wines are certified biodynamic but other vintages not so. Common practice.

    Pam Strayer, Organic Wines Uncorked is a great site to get actual vintages that are third party certified. With that said here is a list that was made last year.

    ORGANIC/BIODYNAMIC WINES TO SUPPORT (third party certified)
    100% Organic/biodynamic

    Canihan Wines
    Emtu Estate Wines
    Hamel Family Wines
    Horse and Plow
    Kamen Estate Winery
    Martorana Family Winery
    Medlock Ames
    Preston Farm & Winery
    Russian River Vineyards
    Skipstone WInery
    The Gardener

    Partly Organic (some of the wines are from organic vines - the vines for those wines are certified and don’t use glyphosate)

    Alexander Valley Vineyards
    Amapola Creek Vineyards (mostly organic)
    Bartholomew Park
    Benziger Family Winery
    De Loach Vineyards
    Hawley Family Winery
    Imagery Estate
    Korbin Kameron
    Lasseter Family Winery (only red wines oganic)
    Laurel Glen
    Petroni Vineyards
    Porter Creek Vineyards (estate wines only biodynamic)
    Quivera Vineyards
    Radio Coteau (organic but not all vines certified)
    Ridge Vineyards
    Stone Edge Farm & Winery
    Turley Wine Cellars (organic but not all vines certified)
    Truett Hurst
    Wild Hog
    Winery Sixteen 600
    Single Vineyard Designate
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    Re: Glyphosate or Round Up use locally

    Since the Sonoma County Winegrowers Assoc. came up with their phony PR plan to convince consumers they were "sustainable", our scarce acreage of certified organic and biodynamic vineyards has fallen from about 2.6% to under 1%. Keep in mind that "certified sustainable" allows glyphosate and some really nasty chemcials like manzoceb to be used on "sustainable" vineyards. Europe can't keep up with demand of organic/biodynamic wines which is approaching 35% now. We are way behind. Sonoma grape growers need to stop greenwashing and get on board with the rest of the world.

    Round Up (glyphosate) is actually cheaper than hiring people to weed which is more than likely why our grape growers use the poison. According to the California Department of Pesticide databank, our wineries used over 77,000 pounds of concentrated glyphosate in their last data release. Cities are being sued now from employees who used glyphosate so it's not a stretch to think one day wineries will be sued as well for toxic practices.

    The only way to find out specific wineries use is through the Ag Commissioner. You pay a fee for the info and it is done by address. Since most have multiple addresses this is NOT easy.

    Some people don't like respraying with alternatives, I get it. There are viable working over the counter products that can be used effectively. Toxic Free Irvine has a list which only includes OMRI (organic) listed ingredients. Be sure if you buy alternatives that it has OMRI on it or other synthetic ingredients will be lurking.

    There is a rising tide of communities that have kicked out businesses that are polluting and causing health problems. August 5th at Grange, 6:30pm will be the authors of a book documenting how these communities succeeded with an update of what's being done here by local activists. This is a fundraiser ($12) for a full time position to tackle our challenges. If you are concerned about our cancer rates (we have several pending anti glyphosate court cases here) then come help to create safe ag, safe schools.

    2019 - Preferred Product List:
    Weed Abatement
    Suppress EC (Non-selective)
    OMRI® Listed/weed control, as needed (Caprylic Acid and Capric Acid) more info
    OMRI® Listed/weed control - Scythe® is a non-selective contact herbicide
    Final-San-O (Non-selective) OMRI® Listed , NOP Approved/fast-acting weed, grass, algae and moss killer. It suppresses the growth of some bi-annual and perennial weeds. Final-San-O can be used at any time during the year, and areas can be re-sown 5 days after treatment.

    Weed Zap
    OMRI® Listed/broad spectrum, biodegradable, foliar herbicide is made from clove and cinnamon oils. It will only control actively growing emerged green vegetation and controls annual and perennial broadleaf and grassy weeds. It will only affect plants that are coated with the spray solution and does not damage non-green woody plants. more info
    Weed Pharm
    OMRI® Listed, and WSDA Certified/University trials that prove 20% Acetic Acid is as effective as Glyphosate in killing annual and broadleaf weeds with one application. It also works on poison ivy and poison oak.

    (Selective/ Post-emergent)
    OMRI® Listed, A.D.I.O.S. is a post-emergent foliar herbicide used for the control of broadleaf weeds. Can safely be used on turf & lawn or around plants, bushes, small trees, fruits and vegetables gardens. Once sprayed on the weed, A.D.I.O.S. travels right away through the foliage, stems and all the way down to the roots.

    All natural, A.D.I.O.S. can be used around children and pets. No buffer zone is required when applied next to drinkable fresh water wells.
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    Re: Glyphosate or Round Up use locally

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    Re: Glyphosate or Round Up use locally

    There is now SO much info on Glyphosate being a killer - I've been listening to the MP3 book (unfortunate computer voice but the actual book is also available) by a doctor who has read and understood the science. K.P. Stoller "Incurable Me" and it is incredibly daunting! He also has a lot of answers on detox and corrections too - and freely gives them. He has relocated to Santa Rosa with his hyperberic oxygen chamber by the way...but - what to do when seeing people in this age poisoning the earth? The piano teacher in Seb-town on Leland street goes out and pours stuff on the earth near the road in front of her very managed front yard - now things are dying there, and her property is up hill from Calder Creek - fie!

    Quote Chauncey Gardner wrote: View Post
    I'm gonna play the devils advocate too. If you use these poisons on the land on people on the water on the plants on the animals and your employees you should be horse whipped. That is the bottom line bub. Advocating for poison in devil's name is an easy task.
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    Re: Glyphosate or Round Up use locally

    Just had a two hour call with the head of Moms Across America. She is a force of nature.

    Her short film will tell you everything you need to know about Glyphosate and other toxic chemicals in our food system. Her story is inspiring and her solutions are incredible!

    The alternative to glyphosate is a product called Pulverize - Roundup costs twice as much as this product.

    Mom's Across America short film

    Comment to EPA

    Federal Register

    Gold Standard

    Roundup alternatives

    Moms Across America
    International Speaker
    Mission Viejo, CA. 92691

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    Re: Glyphosate or Round Up use locally

    Not to defend RoundUp, but the principal "authority" listed at the start of this thread, Mercola, has earned a quite lengthy background check from Quack Watch. It can be seen here

    Quote Goat Rock Ukulele wrote: View Post
    It's rare to see a vineyard that doesn't use roundup. They pretty much all have that telltale 18" wide strip down every row where nothing is growing.
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    Mercola and QUACKWATCH (Re: Glyphosate or Round Up)

    Quackwatch was created at the same time (and I suspect in response to) two particular medical doctors who acted to legally allow Medical doctors to treat cancer with so-called "alternative" treatments as opposed to strictly pharma and radiation.They treated a case of cancer and cured it, without chemo etc. and had to fight the medical boards for the legal right to continue Natural treatments. Those doctors are Dr. Leonard Saputo (of Walnut Creek) and Dr. Robert Rowen, of Santa Rosa, and they won the fight; nevertheless, doctors cannot report that they do this without furious repercussions and persecution.

    If you look on the Quackwatch site, I'm pretty sure you will find their names still there somewhere, for neither of them are retired. They both practice healing modalities with light, oxygen, and other Natural substances that cannot be patented. You can also search for Feldenkrais, acupuncture, homeopathy, Chinese Medicine and more - if you have ever experienced these modalities yourself, and felt them work wonders in your own body, you will realize what Quackwatch is all about.

    So, for Mercola being listed on that site, quiet frankly, I "take with a grain of salt" and don't even bother to read what it says. That is too bad, too, because there are 'quacks' still practicing; they are the ones who are not reading their own science, nor have open minds to treatments that don't cost people vast amounts of money and are authorized by pharma.
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    Dorothy Friberg

    Re: Glyphosate or Round Up use locally

    One thing we can do is publicize and boycott businesses that sell it to the public. I was in Sebastopol hardware today and Rooundup was prominently displayed on the shelves of the garden section. We can'd do much about the wholesale sale and application of the stuff used commercially.
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    Re: Glyphosate or Round Up use locally

    Home Depot was carrying it when I was there last, 3-4 months ago. I tried to talk a customer out of buying 4 containers, but no luck. Even my landlord here in this mobile home park uses it unless you ask him not to spray your area. He said he's going to switch to something more natural when he runs out of Roundup...sigh.....
    Quote Dorothy Friberg wrote: View Post
    One thing we can do is publicize and boycott businesses that sell it to the public....
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