My heart is drawn to the Laguna as we come back from the flood and swelling of what could be called our seasonal lake. As we walk this Vernal Equinox this is an opportunity to recognize the balance of day and night, and finding balance within ourselves and community. One way to befriend and understand the “Way of the Wetlands” is to keep walking and noticing the seasonal changes.

This Vernal Equinox, Dave Barry will be our presenter.
Dave is a native Sonoma County raised, Certified California Naturalist. He understands the spiritual, medical healing that can come from time spent in nature. Some of his favorite parts about nature are it’s bird life, and it’s wildflower life. He carries a well of truth that can be told about most things about nature. He also is very knowledgeable about reptiles and amphibians.

As Dave says, “I’m still just learning from nature and that’s the fun part…nature always has something to teach us.”