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    Sweat Your Prayers ~ Sebastopol

    Friday, March 15th;7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
    Where Sebastopol Youth Annex
    Cost 15-20$ Sliding scale - NOTA
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    Sweat Your Prayers ~ Sebastopol
    SPRING EQUINOX ~ dedicate your dance ~
    come dance ~
    and within the dance
    we seek the opening and unfolding of the spaces within you,
    to drop into the heart of the center, your center....

    yes, that center where the yearning within you lives,
    the yearning for the real,
    the sacred,
    the center of your truth ~
    which moves and changes
    yet can be revealed in the dance

    perhaps that truth

    is the voice of evolution
    - the rumblings of a new paradigm -
    where your inner voices sooth and shake your world into balance

    ~ dedicate your dance ~
    Sebastopol Sweat Your Prayers ~ a 5 RHYTHMS Moving Meditation practice

    THIS FRIDAY ~ 3.15.19

    7:30-8 warmup
    8- 10pm Waves

    Seb Youth Annex
    15-20$ Sliding scale
    ~ LaHoly DJ Leslie
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