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Thread: facebook
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    Mayacaman's Avatar


    I was cut off from facebook within five minutes after I posted a pdf of the classic book "America's Sixty Families," by Ferdinand Lundberg. This took place in December 2015, in the context of a ‘facebook conversation’ that was taking place on the page of a ‘facebook friend’ on the subject of "Who owns and runs America?" After I posted the pdf, a huge window appeared, blocking my use of facebook. The page said "You are being quarantined from facebook because your computer has been infected with malware."

    I have a Mac, and they are pretty much bullet-proof with regards to malware or viruses, so I rather doubt the stated reason for the ‘quarantine’ but, even after I took my computer in to have it serviced, scanned, and cleansed from the supposed "malware" (there was no evidence of any) facebook still would not let me into my own facebook account, or even allow me to access my own page from a computer at the Public Library downtown.

    Perhaps the content moderator at facebook who cut me off thought that Ferdinand Lundberg's book was in some way 'anti-Semitic' but the fact is that it is not. In truth, Ferdinand Lundberg, a serious academic, and a professor of political science at NYU back in the 1930's, was himself
    Jewish - a Swedish/Baltic Jew, like myself.

    Facebook never allowed me back into my own facebook page. Later, friends told me that it was "trashed" (their words) with posts about ‘Pizzagate’ - but I had no access into it either to approve or censor or delete anything that was subsequently posted on it. After a year or so facebook deleted my account, but they never let me back into it, though I spent many hours on many occasions trying to get back in. They also never let me open another account, in my name “Mark Walter Evans.”

    Of course, I have no legal recourse for any of this. That’s all in the fine print of the contract I signed with facebook in order to get a facebook page in the first place. You see, it never was ‘my’ page, ever. My facebook account belonged to facebook, and I can in no wise sue them for damages of any kind.

    Yes, Virginia, there is a Class War - And it's still going on, Denny...

    [copy and paste]:
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    Mayacaman's Avatar

    Re: facebook

    Well, I'll be dipped, Lo and Behold, This really is momentous !

    But, since I posted this little here (above) Missive/Diatribe, "facebook, Inc." has seen fit to Resurrect my old "facebook page", Sans a whole lot of trimmin's for sure, but, at least, bless their dirty little hearts, they were able to recollect a few of the bytes, no less.

    Here it is:

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    Mayacaman's Avatar

    Re: facebook, censorship, dissent, identity theft, targetting

    Here's what started the ball rolling: Not being able to find my old "facebook page" for the past thirty-nine (39) months, & Being told repeatedly that there was no such "facebook page" by the name of "Mark Walter Evans" I suddenly discovered, after I initiated this post, [@ the top,] as I was randomly trying, once again, to access my old "facebook page," much to my amazement, the live link to a somewhat moribund locus:

    However, the page has been stripped of many, many bytes. I no longer have any "facebook friends" [ there were over 480] and I no longer am a member of any "facebook groups" [there were over forty of them.]

    =ALSO= The postings that I made during the last three weeks that I had access to my own page (from November 23 until December 15, 2015) are gone, as well as everything that was posted by others on the page subsequently (after December 15, 2015, until the page was terminated.) This would include all the stuff about "pizzagate" concerning which I only heard tell...

    Nor have I been able to claim the page for my own - facebook has made that extra, grueling hard; in fact impossible...

    ... So, I opened a new facebook page, and started Posting:

    Soon, Very soon, I'm going to ask Mark Walter Evans if he will be my "facebook friend."

    - Will he accept?

    - Will I be able to accept my own offer of friendship in my own name?

    - Will those computer wizards down in Southpark who work for the Man, allow the real Mark Walter Evans back into his own facebook page?

    - Will they acknowledge that I am myself?

    - Will any more of the many, many deleted bytes from the former page mysteriously reappear, bit by bit?

    - Will the wizards of Intelligence @ facebook allow me back into the control room of my old facebook page? - Are they smart enough to figure out who I am?

    - Will they get it together, and finally realize that I am the actual, identical person that I declare Myself to Be ??...

    facebook interlocks with the Company, & Google, Inc., & ABC Corporation, & Walt Disney, Inc., etc.,

    Ipso Ergo
    , they should be able to figure it out...

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    Mayacaman's Avatar

    Re: facebook

    It All Boils Down to a Question of Identity:

    Name:  It's a Question of Identity.jpg
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    Mayacaman's Avatar

    Re: facebook

    Perhaps an update is in order. So, I posted the missive at the top of this thread. Then, within a week, Surprise! I find that my old facebook page actually does actually still exist, contrary to the messages facebook told me for the prior two years whenever I tried, repeatedly, to access my old page.

    But I found, when I was let back into it, that it had been rendered & stripped of a whole lot of bytes in my absence. For instance, I no longer had any ‘facebook friends’ and I was not a member of any ‘facebook groups.’

    And, when I was first allowed access to my old page, the posts on my old page stopped in mid November of 2015 – which was prior to the date I was given ‘das boot.’ It was all very mysterious.

    Evidently, the catalyst for the reappearance of my old facebook page – or my ability to access it myself - had been the post I made at the top of this thread, right here, in WaccoBB. I know this for a fact, because I had tried, once again to access the old page just before I wrote the missive at the top of this thread.

    In point of fact, my frustration at being told for the upteenth time that there was no such page by the name of "Mark Walter Evans" was the goad that prompted me to write the missive that initiated this thread. Needless to say, that attempt had been futile.

    So far, I have not been let into the drivers seat of my old page. And – this is the strange part – bit by bit, & byte by byte, the old page has slowly reassembled itself. My brother, for instance, can access the list of my old ‘facebook friends’, though I can not; I can merely see the ‘friends’ I have in common. [with myself]

    Also, all of the posts that other people posted after November of 2015, are now visible on my old page. The bytes have all strangely come back. So, other people – my old friends - did continue to post on the page, in my absence, thinking they were communicating with the living Mark.

    But I can not start a thread on that page myself. Nor am I allowed to accept my own offer of friendship.

    I will confess that I have not heeded my own advice (in this thread, above) to have nothing to do with facebook. Since I opened my new account (with the same name & the same avatar, of my innocent fifteen year old self) I am back to my old tricks: railing at the plutocracy & trying to make peace in Judea & Jerusalem. O vain man that I am. O well. So it goes…

    It is indeed a strange new kind of alienation, & electronic dystopia, this Brave New World in which we find ourselves. But I do have a rhetorical Question: "Know any good lawyers?"

    O, +And+ One more thing; Just Remember:

    Name:  Big Zucker is Watching You.jpg
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Size:  29.1 KB

    Last edited by Barry; 05-16-2019 at 11:22 AM.
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    Mayacaman's Avatar

    Re: facebook

    I was just blocked from posting on any groups on facebook until next Tuesday because I posted the following. Actually I simply edited it, since it was already standing...

    Question: What is so subversive about this post that it could possibly be considered a "violation of facebook community standards" ?? =OR= "Spam" ??

    =MORE= American Story: Tent City USA. A homeless community faces eviction from the land they are occupying
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