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    Re: Hospital Sale - Measure A

    The hospital should be sold and the district dissolved.
    (I say that as the guy that founded it but now realizes that government entities can't run businesses.)

    Quote ChefJayTay wrote: View Post
    ...That hospital never should have been public money in the first place.
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    Re: Hospital Sale - Measure A

    This is moving into another big....but much more clear we vote. I worked the polls this year to gather more info. The county must spend $1MM per election on staffing, 'volunteers', training sessions, moving posters/binders/supplies/booths/equipment to cover every possible eventuality. A massive carbon bomb as well as a waste of money. And all that for ONE measure. The precinct I worked had 4 people from 6 a.a. till 9 p.m. and we had EIGHT (!) voters show up.

    So, if you want to actually help solve one problem with a simple solution, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write to your state representatives to go to Vote-By-Mail-Only, as Oregon does. They will tell you they're 'studying it' but don't accept that. About 80% of our voters use mail already so the transition would be simple and cost effective. That money could be much better used for schools, roads, fire, almost anything else.
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