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    Intentional child abuse

    Besides signing the petition, I've emailed my US legislators, asking them to read the statement and then call for impeachment or for a psychiatric competency hearing.

    Last year, Nielsen's Department of Homeland Security admitted it forcibly separated nearly 3,000 children from their parents at the southern border. But DHS just released information that thousands more children were separated from their parents than was previously reported.1 The total number of children separated is unknown and thousands of children may never reunite with their parents.

    Up to now, Nielsen has tried to shirk responsibility for family separation. But Thursday night, Sen. Jeff Merkley revealed that ripping apart families was part of a carefully crafted DHS plan to create a humanitarian crisis at the border while inflicting as much damage as possible on Central American families seeking refuge in the United States.2
    Nielsen is a morally bankrupt liar willing to commit atrocities on Trump's behalf. She is dangerous, and she has got to go.
    Tell DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen: Resign immediately. Click here to sign the petition.
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