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    My Family Lost Homes in Paradise

    Hi Community

    I hope each of you are well.

    13 of my family members lost homes in Paradise, California last week.
    Thankfully and miraculously they all got out alive.
    My brother's wife, their 4 children, spouses, children and babies lost 4 homes, their livelihoods, all their worldly possessions and, of course, their peace of mind. They are resilient but something like this takes a lot of hearts, hands and care to recover from.

    If you're sending prayers and good wishes to those who are suffering, please include the Pezzi family from Paradise. And, if you're inclined to offer a material form of support, I've set up a GoFundMe entitled

    Camp Fire Pezzi Family Support


    My Family's Homes Lost in Paradise

    Thanks for your good vibes and care.

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