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    State Senate District 2 - Jacobi and McGuire Differences and Voting Records Matter

    As a mother, former foster-parent of six, mechanical engineer, and environmentalist, I know that, with respect to climate change, the time for thinking small ended 20 years ago. The United Nations tells us we have 12 years to reduce emissions by half, and I am not convinced that level of reduction is large enough, soon enough, or that we won't be seeing the worst of climate change before 12 years is up. I am running for State Senate on this issue, and I am ready to do what is needed, period. Our future is at stake.

    My opponent is incumbent Mike McGuire. In 2016, McGuire voted for SB 1383, a portion of that bill restricted the ability of the California Air Resources Board to limit methane emissions from dairy and livestock operations, resulting in a net potential increase in ongoing methane pollution. While restricting the ability to regulate methane may satisfy certain business constituencies right away, we urgently need to plan for the 2019 fire season and those 10, 20, and 100 years from now.

    Science strongly indicates that greenhouse gas emissions, including methane, make conditions for wildfires much worse. Methane is a serious contributor to global warming and is 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Reducing methane pollution is one of the most effective ways to slow global warming and reduce wildfire risks.

    As a state senator I would demand immediate, comprehensive, binding government Climate Change State Of Emergency Declarations at local through state levels. I would introduce my "Climate New Deal - California Good Jobs, Housing & Climate Plan" with multisolving* strategies to restore our climate at the speed and scale needed while addressing our other critical challenges. My plan includes: expansion of affordable housing; creation of food security programs; improved fire defense planning, forest management and reforestation; drought readiness; massive investments in clean renewable energy; expansion of clean, renewable transportation; establishment of public banks; carbon-farming and edible forest incentives; and measures from the book DRAWDOWN.**

    My plan also includes carbon pollution fees with taxpayer dividend distributions, also called "Carbon Fee and Share". A carbon fee on pollution will not only ensure that emitters endure a cost for their pollution but will also discourage carbon emissions broadly. That fee will fund the Climate New Deal and the dividends.
    We have what's needed to solve climate disruption, except we need the political will. I have the will!
    As a member of the Santa Rosa City Council from 2006 to 2010, I strongly and constantly advocated for wildfire preparedness and other climate resiliency measures. I also guided the initial drafting of the Santa Rosa climate plan that eventually became law and has since won at least two awards. I personally have won three awards and additional recognitions on my climate, environmental and advocacy record.

    But incumbent McGuire's record on the climate and other matters is very disappointing. This year alone, he voted for SB901, protecting PG&E from liability for wildfires and putting more costs on us ratepayers and fire victims and also weakening environmental protections.

    McGuire abstained on AB 7, outlawing firearms open carry in more public places. He abstained on AB 1066, legislation to ensure fair overtime pay for farm workers, and on AB 1352, preventing the deportation of immigrants for minor drug offenses.

    I have no tolerance for politicians who loudly say they care about climate change and that they're putting our future first, and then quietly vote with big money corporate interests repeatedly.

    Moreover, I have NOT accepted corporate money.

    McGuire has taken corporate money from: Govern for California Courage Committee, a front group for the charter school industry ($3,000); Verizon ($1,500); EdVoice for Kids, another front group for the charter school industry ($3,500); The California Chamber of Commerce ($2,000); The California Real Estate PAC, which opposes bills to protect people in their homes and establish reasonable rents for tenants ($9,000); Anthem, an insurance company ($1,500); and, United Airlines ($2,000), among many other corporate donations.

    I am the progressive in this race and I am proud to be endorsed by the Green Party of Sonoma County and Norman Solomon, who said "Roni Jacobi has integrity, walks her talk and can't be bought." I have earned the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction. I am committed to donating 25% of my Senate salary to nonprofits.

    Nations across the globe have successfully implemented carbon fees as a tool for limiting greenhouse emissions and many other cutting edge solutions. California can implement these solutions too, and certainly District 2 should be represented by someone who is always working towards a restored climate and a safe, healthy and just future.

    I would be honored to be that person. Thank you for your vote on November 6, 2018.*** 707 575 5594 landline.

    Veronica "Roni" Jacobi, State Senate District 2 Candidate

    * "Multisolving is the search for systemic solutions that protect the climate while improving health, equality, and well-being."

    ** The book DRAWDOWN has a comprehensive plan to reduce greenhouse gas pollution to safe historic levels. I and others will be holding our 2nd Drawdown Pachamama gathering in Petaluma soon. Free and all are welcome. It's a 5-7 minute easy walk from a nearby bus stop and there is parking too.

    *** The website has a print at home window sign, comparison graphic to share, and we also have some bumper stickers.

    Warmly ,
    Candidate for State Senate District 2

    "Yes We Can, Yes We Better, Never Give Up, Do It Now!"
    - Veronica "Roni" Jacobi and

    "Climate Change is not just another issue in this complicated world of
    proliferating issues. It is the issue that, unchecked, will swamp all other issues."
    - Ross Gelbspan in The Heat Is On

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    Re: State Senate District 2 - Jacobi and McGuire Differences and Voting Records Matter

    Thank you Gaiasophia
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    Re: State Senate District 2 - Jacobi and McGuire Differences and Voting Records Matter

    Name:  Mike McGuire Bob Anderson Aug 2017.jpg
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    Who is this man, on the right, giving Mike a big wet smooch ????
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