$7 Million is a drop in the bucket. FDA says this Adulterated pet food poses no risk to pets. This is only the tip of the iceberg in this criminal industry. Do your research or lose your pet to this unlawful and shameful practice of unregulated ingredients in pet food, such as euthanized animals (Phenobarbital found) diseased animals, or decaying animals (road kill). FDA and AAFCO are "in bed" with pet food manufacturers. These two companies must have pissed someone off, to get fined. Please subscribe to www.TruthAboutPetFood.com Become aware of what your beloved pets are actually eating that will set in motion a death sentence before their time.

Contact me if you need help in identifying the ingredients on your pet food label. The best way to actually READ the label is to look up the pet food ingredients online, where they will still be too small to read, but ENLARGE them.

I have an alphabetized/analyzed list of pet food ingredients by Dr. Lisa Pierson that has been my bible for many years.

When people call me for advise about sick cats, my first question is "What do you feed them?"