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    Re: Check out VCA Animal Hospital's Nutritional shameful "Untruths" about pet food ingredi

    Take note of the comments made by smart pet guardians: Just got this from the website, which is from a subscriber who noticed another player in this sham announcement on the VCA Corporate website:

    • Terry Hain
      It looks as if this less-than-truthful poster was written by Royal Canin. It’s in tiny print at the very bottom of the poster. Royal Canin also has a companion YouTube I Googled “Nutritional Truths” and found the same poster on only one veterinary clinic’s website in Illinois. I went to a website for a clinic I know was bought by VCA and it wasn’t on its website. I don’t know how widely these posters are showing up at just VCA hospitals, but I bet they are could show up at any veterinary hospital that sells Royal Canin as I’m sure their sales personnel will give them the poster to display.

      • Susan Thixton Author
        That’s a very good point Terry. Very concerning that more than VCA hospitals could be sharing that misleading Nutritional Truths document with pet owners.

        • Terry Hain
          You should visit the YouTube video and read the comments. Most people are not buying the RC propaganda. You would be proud.

    • Joyce Lombardini
      Shared Publicly on Facebook. Everyone needs to know these facts.

    • Carol Weyer
      I do have concerns about my dogs food because:
      He had an Ultrasound (which showed) 1. Bladder Cranial wall mildly thickened, 0.39cm, with anechoic contents. 2. Duodenum: Normal wall thickness (0.75 cm.) with a mildly prominent muscularis layer. Rule out inflammatory bowel disease, etc. 3. Jejunum: Mildly thickened wall (0.49 cm-0.51 cm) with a mildly prominent muscularis layer.
      The Vet first dewormed him and then put him on Hills Prescription Diet for Skin/Food Sensitivities. ZD
      After several weeks they did another Ultrasound which showed improvement. The Vet wants me to keep on the Hill’s food. I have seen reports that didn’t rate Hill’s very good. On top of that it is very expensive and being a widowed Senior Citizen with a limited income, it is really too much for me. Can you recommend anything for me ?
      Thank You,
      Carol Weyer

      • Jeri
        Feed real, whole food. Raw or lightly cooked. It will beat the synthetic stuff sourced with dubious ingredients by a country mile. Best to you and your baby! If you need to know how to balance the meals, try Judy Morgan, DVM’s books at Amazon, Dr. Karen Becker’s book (also available there), or google either for recipes.

      • Pet Owner
        Google within your radius all Vet contacts. Find out which one doesn’t sell prescription PF from their office. Or call a holistic Vet. Take/explain the medical comments your Vet wrote, and the lab report indications (as in what levels are higher than normal). And ask what kind of a natural diet your dog should eat. Years ago we’d be told (low fat) chicken or an organ meat (like lambs tongues) perhaps w/ cottage cheese or a bit of a filler (like rice). And a proper supplement. I am NOT saying this what “your” dog should eat! But “prescription PF” has not always been around. And very wise, old fashioned Vets knew what to feed in place of it.

    • chris
      I clicked to download a pdf version and it told me there was an error. I would really like a copy of this but I cannot save the images nor when I paste and cut to a word document, does the images show up. Any help is much appreciated.

    • Amy
      Poop is natural – it’s in Royal Canin too. Yummy! NOT

    • Dan Coleman
      I have already called my congress people to demand they do their jobs and keep the promises made after all the reported 2007 deaths of every single God created dog and cat. This is a terrible non compassionate country we reside in. Nobody knows the truth about every God created creature and nobody seems to care. All about money and greed and personal gain or profit despite the costs or consequences. Pathetic. Pitiful.
      I shall do whatever it is i can to change things. Animals are wiser and much more kind than people.Leave a Reply
    Last edited by Barry; 10-09-2018 at 04:18 PM.
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