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    Jude Iam

    FEAR -- Trump in the White House / FARENHEIT 9/11 MICHAEL MOORE'S NEW FILM

    via a friend...

    Bob Woodward writes in his new book, "FEAR -- Trump in the White House," where he got the title for the book. It came from a Trump quote given in a 2016 interview with Woodward and his Washington Post colleague, Robert Costa. Trump said: "Real power is --- I don't even want to use the word --- fear." That's it! ...Spoken like a real mafia don, or any run-of-the-mill dictator.

    Michael Moore has a new film coming out that he hopes will add to the nation's longing for positive change and motivate many more millions of citizens to participate in the Election That's Two Months From Today to give America a chance at a new beginning. Here's what Moore sent out today.

    Best wishes,
    FAHRENHEIT 11/9...a note from Michael Moore
    In my lifetime, I've had maybe only a dozen days like the one I've woken up to this morning.

    It's the day that a new film of mine will have its World Premiere, and that is what will happen tonight for FAHRENHEIT 11/9 at the Opening Night kick-off of the Toronto International Film Festival, North America's premiere film event. I am just hours away from that moment when the lights will dim, the curtain will rise and my work, with all its revelations and warnings and dangerous ideas -- well, dangerous politically to a President who has no intention of ever leaving office unless the Secret Service physically drags him out of there -- will be shared with the world. This siren call of a movie is my contribution to ignite the fire underneath a despairing, dispirited public who must -- MUST -- do its job and end the madness at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    I have spent the better part of this year constructing a film that will not only explain how the @#&% we ended up with Trump, but also help show us the way out. I must warn you -- I do not pull ANY punches in the film. No one is spared - not even me.

    A wonderful piece on the film was published in The Hollywood Reporter

    This film is THE moment of truth we've all needed for sometime, and I truly believe its release nationwide on Sept. 21st will be the real beginning of the end for Donald J. Trump (and perhaps, more importantly, the eventual end of the rotten, corrupt system that gave us Trump in the first place).

    I also believe we have, as we approach November 6th, a massive tsunami of women, young people and people of color (i.e., TWO-THIRDS of the American public) who maybe -- just maybe -- will drown the whole stinkin' lot of them in a record number of ballots for a midterm election..

    But this will not happen on its own -- and any early celebrations of victory like those that happened in 2016, are sure to keep the Republicans in power for years to come.

    Donald J. Trump did not just fall from the sky. His rise to the presidency was not an aberration and should not have come as a shock. It was the logical end result of a long, downward spiral in America that culminated in one of our most loathsome citizens conquering our most powerful office. One of our most deceptive minds, commanding the bully pulpit. One of our most fraudulent hucksters, armed with the powers of the presidency to protect him.

    Ever since that fateful morning at 2:29 AM on 11/9/16 when the Associated Press officially called the election for our nationís new leader, we have been trying to save what's left of our democracy. This is not a film telling you what a jerk Donald Trump is or what an buffoon Donald Trump is or what a liar Donald Trump is. You already know all that. Everybody already knows all that (except for your conservative brother-in-law whose mind youíll never be able to change). I wouldnít waste your time or my time making that kind of film. And with all due respect to your conservative brother-in-law, we donít need him. Weíre the majority in this country, heís the minority, he knows it and thatís why heís so mad!

    Instead, my team and I have been on a mission to tell a much, much more important story. Itís a story about hope... and what comes after it. Itís a story about deception and betrayal. Itís a story about what happens to people when theyíve hit rock bottom. Itís the story about who we are as a people and what it means to be an American in the era of Donald J. Trump. Finally, itís a story about where we might be heading as a society.

    My crew and I have moved heaven and earth to make sure we deliver this film to you in time to have an impact on this year's midterm elections. Iím excited to announce to you that ďFahrenheit 11/9Ē will open in more movie theaters than any of my previous films -- over 1,500 theaters across America!

    (It will also be opening in dozens of countries around the world.)

    We open nationwide on September 21st, 45 days before the most important election in American history (and with voter registration still open nationwide!).

    Iím writing you today because I need your help. Iíve made a film that was meant to be seen on a big screen, in a dark theater, filled with a hundred strangers. My hope is that you will experience the magic of cinema the way it was meant to be experienced, in a movie theater. It's the best way to truly feel the big story I'm telling you.

    Any bit of anger, despair, or frustration youíve felt over the past few years must be channeled into action this fall!

    I am on my way to Toronto. I don't have to make a run for the border a la "The Handmaid's Tale" -- yet. For tonight, I'll just be showing a movie. Then on Monday night in Flint, I will hold the US premiere of FAHRENHEIT 11/9. After that, everyone will have the chance to see it.

    We are the majority -- never forget that. But we need to rise up. Thatís the only way out of this mess.

    All my best,
    Michael Moore
    [email protected]

    P. S. I'll bring you into the world premiere tonight via Facebook Live just before 11pm ET.
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