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    SUPPORT LOCAL COMPOST (email by 8/14) + Come to SCWMA meeting Wed 8/15

    Forwarded from 350 Sonoma:

    Tomorrow Tues 8/14 is the last day to send emails to the Sonoma County Waste Management Agency board to express support for bringing a local compost operation back to Sonoma County (see below). Attached below is the terrific letter by CAFF (Community Alliance of Family Farmers and Farmers Guild) which is very informative. It's in PDF format (both pages in one file), and in JPEG format (1 file for each page). JPEG files can be uploaded to Facebook.

    Zero waste advocates will be going the SCWMA board meeting this Wed. morning, 8/15 and speaking at public comment. Can anyone join us?

    Meeting starts at 8:30 AM and compost is second on the agenda. Here is link to agenda:

    Thank you for sending emails!


    Email you can forward to friends:

    Hello Friends -

    The Sonoma County Waste Management Agency board is deciding on August 15th whether or not they will take their staff's recommendation and choose Renewable Sonoma's bid for the new future commercial compost operation proposed for the Llano Rd site (on the waste water treatment facility land). Renewable Sonoma is a owned by Sonoma Compost (operators of our beloved local compost at the central landfill site that was shut down because of a lawsuit brought by neighbors), and they have put forth an excellent bid (see attached "Why Renewable Sonoma?" doc for details)

    Please send an email to the SCWMA board via Patrick Carter (executive director) before August 14th (the sooner the better), stating that you support Renewable Sonoma's bid: [email protected]

    You can use the template below and personalize, if you wish- makes your message more powerful! (see attached "Why Renewable Sonoma?" for talking point ideas).

    - 350 Sonoma

    Email Template: (send to [email protected]

    Dear SCWMA Board Members:
    I support Renewable Sonoma as the commercial compost provider for the Sonoma County Waste Management Agency. Renewable Sonoma is owned by Sonoma Compost, a local business, with a history of being community-minded, respecting the environment, and providing high-quality local compost.

    I am confident that Renewable Sonoma will be engaged with the community and do the hard work necessary to deliver an environmentally friendly compost operation that produces high quality compost at a rate that is accessible to the public, businesses and municipalities of Sonoma County.

    I respectfully request that you support SCWMA staff and evaluation committee’s recommendation to enter into an agreement with Renewable Sonoma so this exciting project can move forward.

    Name: __________________________________________Title: ________________________________
    Address: ___________________________________________________________________
    Zip: ___________________

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