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    Are You Interested in Creating More Miracles in Your LIfe?

    Dear Community,

    I have long since been fascinated with Lynne McTaggart's work on the power of intention. You may have heard of her or read her bestselling book, The Intention Experiment. Lynn has proven scientifically the power of group intention in creating healing and shift in people's lives with amazing results for the intended person.

    I recently, read her most recent book, The Power of Eight, which tells the story of her work, how it developed and what she has been doing recently. It seems that something truly magical happens when a small group of maybe 8 people aligns their intentions to help another individual. This simple act results in amazing miracles that happen for each person in the group.

    It is because of this that I decided to form my own group and experiment with Lynn's method, who were as committed as I am, and who wanted to have more miracles happen for them too. Lynn teaches how to start your own intention group and I have the method. I wanted to put this out into the community to see who might have a similar interest.

    What this looks like is:

    • We would meet once a week via Skype or another similar platform and do the alignment practice then have one person be the focus of the group's intention for that session.
    • The steps to how to do all of this are explained by Lynn and I do have those instructions.
    • We would communicate after each session, email is fine, about the results the person received. and go from there.
    Who I am Seeking
    I am seeking 5-6 more people who find this an attractive offer and who are willing to commit to one meeting a week, read Lynn's book(s) possibly, and who are wanting to find out for themselves the power group intention.

    Lynn says that it may take a few practice sessions to get our consciousness aligned with each other since it seems that is the key. When a focused group of people all align in such a way that they become unified in the intention to assist another person, a shift happens for all in the group and the person on the receiving end receives the healing or whatever it is they asked for.

    If you are interested in this group and want to join with me in experimenting for ourselves, please contact me by email or phone. You may wish to read The Power of Eight to get a really clear idea of what this is entails and how it was created as well.

    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: 415-717-9378

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    Re: Are You Interested in Creating More Miracles in Your LIfe?

    It sounds enticing but I wonder if we could actually meet in person? At least for the first few sessions. for me, that would be much more powerful than online--esp. since we don't know each other.

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