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    Indivisible Sonoma County on Gun Control and more

    Sonoma County

    Indivisible Sonoma County mobilizes and organizes people locally by connecting them with the political processes to fight for equality and justice. Inspired by, we rally to resist the Trump agenda an agenda based on racism, authoritarianism, and corruption. We object loudly and powerfully to ensure that people in Sonoma County understand how damaging the Trump agenda is from the start.
    Find out so much more on our website at

    Use our latest Phone Scripts to make your voice heard.
    Find upcoming actions, to-dos, and meetings on our Calendar.
    Learn about what you can be doing this week to help that blue wave rise. And then join us!
    Read the latest Resistance Report.
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    In 1999, when two young men killed 15 classmates (and wounded many) we thought things would change.
    In 2012, when a young man killed his mother and then killed 20 first-graders, we thought things would change.
    In February of this year, when a young man killed 17 at his former high school, we thought things would change.
    They haven't changed. And clearly, they won't change - until we make change happen.

    Some want to blame the shooter (mental illness, loner, rejected by a girl, bullied, warped by video games). And indeed, in each case, the shooter is responsible for his actions. Some want to blame the law (shouldn't have had access to guns, someone provided guns to underaged shooters, shouldn't have passed a background check - or should have been required to take a background check.

    And yet, for many of us, the problem is the ready access to guns, and the myth that killing solves problems. The longer we live, the more it becomes clear - some things should be safe, legal, and rare. And that includes access to guns.

    For a comprehensive list of school shootings in the US - and I do mean comprehensive - I found this on Wikipedia. Seriously, read it and weep.

    From our guest editorial writer, Janie Camacho:

    The NRA is going to hell.

    Why? Because it began with good intentions. As an association (like that of Boy/Girl Clubs, AARP, etc.) it was meant to teach gun owners about good gun maintenance, gun safety, storage, and places where it was safe to shoot. It was created for the welfare of gun owners and their families.

    These good intentions have warped into political lobbying intended to promote gun manufacturers' push for more gun sales. Its goals have been perverted by taking money from all comers - including Russia! - to give to the current president's inaugural coffers. And to a myriad of congressmen who vote to protect the NRA.

    It is encouraging renegade 'militia' to have little respect for civil society.

    You know, supporting people who walk around brandishing their shotguns in public places as if we were Israel, Iraq, or some other place where battles are fought among civilians.

    The NRA is branding school children as terrorists.

    Yet the NRA responsible for promoting policies that allow mentally ill people to obtain guns. They are responsible for rules that allow people on the no-fly list to still buy guns. They are responsible for buying political power and fostering fear and divisiveness.

    They are supposed to be an association that promotes safety. And they have lost touch with that in their pursuit of their own power. In their effort to run the country, they have repaved the path to hell.

    And they are walking down that path, with Congress and the republican president. Let's make certain the rest of us don't follow.

    We have many battles, and many issues.

    We are all watching to see what happens in DC between the Department of Justice and that man in the White House.
    But the battle for safety - true safety, not gun battles on the street, in our offices, in our schools - must also be an issue we tackle together.
    Because together we are one nation, Indivisible.

    Tell our members of Congress to continue voting NO on the Farm Bill until it protects SNAP recipients. Urge them to investigate evidence that this administration is accepting bribes. Thank our Senators for voting NO on Gina Haspel.

Make the calls that shape US policy! And make them today.

    Our representatives are waiting to hear from you! Use our SCRIPTS.

    MEETINGS AND EVENTS is something to do every day - to build our community and to build the blue wave.
Check out our amazing calendar to see other meetings and events in May and June. 
Find canvassing, trainings, phone banks, pizza parties, postcard writing, meetings with congressional staff - many opportunities to join us in all we do.

    Save The Date
Indivisible Sonoma County General Meeting

    Monday, June 25
6 pm

    Finley Community Center
2060 West College Ave
Santa Rosa
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