This is a long article, so I'll just post what I consider most important, but urge you to take time to read it, and the intelligent comments made by readers.

"Just for the month of March 2018 (through 3/27/18) there have been six raw pet food recalls, and fourteen human food (everything from mini-eclairs to coconut flour) or supplement recalls for Salmonella.In other words…Salmonella is prevalent in all types of food, not just raw pet food.

Notice the FDA states the pet food product is ONLY considered adulterated if the product does not go through a (heat) process that will kill the Salmonella. Salmonella itself is acceptable to the FDA, if the Salmonella bacteria is dead. But…the dead Salmonella poses another problem in pet fooda problem the FDA is ignoring.
Live Salmonella bacteria poses a significant risk to young or old pets and immune compromised pets.
Dead Salmonella bacteria poses a significant risk to all pets – young, old, sick, and healthy.
Salmonella is a gram-negative bacteria (E.coli is also gram-negative, Listeria is gram-positive). When gram-negative bacteria are killed – through FDA’s suggested “commercial heat step or other commercial process” – the dead bacteria produce a toxin known as endotoxins. And endotoxins can cause deadly results for pets that consume them.

The FDA’s firm stance that ONLY live Salmonella is a risk, their lack of acknowledgement to the dangers of endotoxins in pet food – is a concern." See Susan's video of the FDA's response to their lack of enforcement to pet food law.