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Thread: Never Again
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    Never Again

    When I was 12, an uncle, one of my father's brothers, was murdered when he came home after work and sat down to count the $ from his grocery store business that day. A man hiding in his bedroom closet shot him in the head with a rifle, and took the $. There are lots of other details about this particular homicide I don't need to mention here.

    What I want to share is how that one murder totally changed my father for several years, and consequently our entire family, and the family's of both of his brothers. None of us were ever the same again. That's what I watched today...people sharing their own pain, how their lives have now been changed forever by gun violence.

    My father was a hunter; he hunted to survive and put food on the table as a boy, after his father died from a shotgun wound, and his mother at age 20 was left with 4 children to feed and raise. My father later became a police officer. He put his gun to good use, protecting people. If my father were alive today, he would stand up for the rights of gun owners, but he would be appalled at the military type guns that are so easily purchased today, and used to commit mass murders. Thanks to all those young people today for giving voice to my personal pain that has been silent for 60 years, and asking for change, for a better, non-violent future for themselves, and for our country.
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