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    1st State to Address (part of) Problems in Pet Food

    Ohio rep, Laura Lanese has introduced a bill (House Bill 560) which will serve to make it illegal to use euthanized animals in pet food. I encourage you to read this article, and realize that this is an admission of guilt of what is used in pet food.

    Pet food consumers outside of Ohio can help make Representative Laura Lanese’s name – a very familiar name. Tweet a thank you to her for standing up for our pets, include your State Senators and Representatives in your Tweet to alert them to the Ohio Bill. Post a thank you to Representative Laura Lanese on Facebook and ask all your friends to do the same.

    Representative Laura Lanese’s Twitter name is: @Lanese4GC
    Facebook page:

    I encourage you to write a letter of thank you to her.

    My response, awaiting moderation:

    Who will enforce this? We know we can’t trust the FDA and AAFCO. Does this apply to only pet food manufactured in Ohio? What about all the pet food made elsewhere, and shipped to Ohio?
    It’s a welcome start.

    I just attended a talk by Joel Blackwell, author of “Personal Political Power” (in California) He’s called “The Grassroots Guy”, and has helped many groups/organizations get what they want, from politicians. His book outlines successful strategies in getting laws changed. Although the book is directed at California, these guidelines can be used anywhere by an organized group focused on pet wellness.

    I’m curious about what influenced Laura Lanese, other than the news report. I wonder if she herself has pets. I do hope that many of us will write and thank her. Mr. Blackwell said that personal letters are very effective, so we can help to create awareness by writing to the reps in our states.

    As for organizing, The Association for Truth in Pet Food represents our voice with lawmakers. Becoming a member is a first step in supporting changes in the laws.
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