Greetings, All!

I need to get out of my house as often as possible during general daytime/business
hours (e.g. anywhere between 9/10 AM to 6/8 PM), any (of the seven) day/s of the week. I live with several loud bachelors, so my own residence is not conducive to undisturbed phone calls/emails. (I do not currently have my own vehicle or bike, buses are not a viable option here, and taxis get expensive & often can't find the place anyway.) I've lived here (Moorland Avenue, south of Bellevue Avenue) for almost two years and am seeking new (ideally calmer & more transit-friendly) lodgings ASAP, so I need to be able to make a TON of calls/etc.

I will Pay you Cash &/or Offer Any of my Wide Variety of Skillsets (see below) for the Simple Opportunity of Being Somewhere Relatively Peaceful for even a couple of hours with my cellphone & laptop. I only need about 16' sq. (4' x 4') of space to work in and access to an electrical outlet (no laptop battery). I have my own unlimited Wi-Fi (btw, it allows up to ten connections, so I'd let you use it, if you needed to).

I would of course pay for gas! (As well as paying you for picking me up.) Also or instead, I can provide the following services (*Asterisks - these areas are my best 'claims to fame' and are also what I enjoy most):

*Excellent Proofreading Skills*; Data Entry; Document Creation, Formatting, etc.
*Training Service Animals*; Training People How to Train Dogs, Cats, & Horses
Dog/Cat Grooming: Trimming Hair/Fur/Nails, Bathing; Meds, Subcutaneous Fluids, Anal Glands, etc.
Tutoring in a Variety of Subjects, Most Notably *English*, Business, Computer Basics, various Software Programs (i.e., MS Office, Internet Browsers, etc.), Human/Animal Medical Info, & more, etc.
Housecleaning; Yardwork (have a back injury, so am limited in some areas); *Excellent Trimming Skills*
Food Prep/Service/*Hospitality*
Care Providing
As both Care Provider and Patient, I can provide Experiential Info RE: Medicinal Cannabis & Vaping

I would prefer a place where it's acceptable to vape (Rx cannabis, not nicotine); I am 215-/420-friendly and am fine w/cannabis or nicotine vapor/smoke, but I don't use nicotine at all & don't need to be able to smoke pot.

In your reply, please provide *The Earliest & Latest Times you wish to RECEIVE Calls &/or Texts* along with the Phone Number to reach you, as well as whether you are Text-able. Inquiries without all of these may be ignored due to spam and the fact that I don't have an accessible typing/keyboard setup at home. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation!

Thank you for your time and have a great day!