"... imagine that we have the dream of any video addict: a cybernetic interface that permits us, simultaneously, to have the strategic perspective, tactics and that of the first person. Something like a combination of real-time strategy, role-playing, the first person or first person shooter and the other that I donít know what itís called but itís like in the third person. Anyway, if someday it is created, donít forget to buttress yourself with the rights of intellectual authorship.
"Now, suppose you are enclosed inside an ideal spherical room. The inner surface of the sphere, which you can see, is a large curved screen, with 5K technology, omled (organic light-emitting diode) or as it is said, and in which, simultaneously and with dizzying speed, information packages are presented to you. Not only images, also sounds, smells, tactile and pleasing sensations; and, well, also, not to discriminate against the esoteric, extrasensory perceptions.
"You can think, with a high degree of certainty, that you are in the real world, that you live in that world, thatís where you were born, grew up, reproduced, and, God forbid, but itís a hypothetical situation, die.
"You are happy or unhappy there. The machine is so efficient that it even provides the parameters for defining happiness and unhappiness. Moreover, it also offers an explanation of that world and, if you prefer, of a spiritual world, a consolation for the day on which, I already said God forbid, you die."
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