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    Stupidity and Blindness: Republicans and Democrats

    Stupidity and Blindness Have Destroyed Whatever Democracy the US Ever Had

    by Dave Lindorff

    Okay, somebody has to say this, so it might as well be me.

    The American political system exists as it is because of two reasons:

    1) The majority of Republican voters are either incredibly ignorant or are simply incredibly selfish, and

    2) The majority of Democratic voters are so blinded by their fear of Republicans that they will vote for the most puerile, manipulative, deceitful, greedy and/or feckless candidates, as long as they are Democrats, and will re-elect them even after having been betrayed by them time and time again.
    There, Ive said it.

    Reason number one is why we currently have Donald Trump for president. The man cannot hold a train of thought for the ten or 15 seconds it takes to express it or to type it into a Tweet, lies so often I dont think he even knows when hes doing it half the time, and has no moral core. And yet a third of American voters think hes just great. And even though all his policies are damaging the very people the poor, forgotten white working class that he likes to highlight as being his main concern, those people, who are now at risk of losing their subsidized health insurance available under Obamacare, their Medicaid, their Supplemental Security Income checks (available to the disabled and to children and young single parents left in need by the death of a working parent/spouse) and the protection against predatory lenders afforded by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), continue to back him, and will likely vote for him in 2020.

    Reason number two is why, despite proof that the Democratic Party leadership and its pre-annointed 2016 presidential candidate preference Hillary Clinton, worked hand-in-glove to steal the nomination from Vermont independent Sen. Bernie Sanders and his tens of millions of supporters last year, and despite the knowledge that that same corrupt leadership is hard at work now blocking progressive efforts to democratize the next Democratic primary, and to run real progressives as candidates for House and Senate in 2018 instead of more of the same corporatist mob, Democratic voters will submissively cave in as always and vote for those same lackluster and corrupted corporatists, either handing wins to Republican opponents, or electing/re-electing ineffective, self-aggrandizing hacks.

    There are other problems too, of course. To a certain extent, both Republican and Democratic voters in the US are blinded to reality. ...

    Continues here
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    Re: Stupidity and Blindness: Republicans and Democrats

    The "forgotten white working class" sees the Democrats as offering them more generous food stamp benefits, while Trump claimed he would stop Carrier Air Conditioning, Ford Motor Corporation and others from relocating plants to Mexico and other foreign destinations.

    This brings to mind the (disputed) quote of John Steinbeck, "Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires."
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