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    Off the Grid Rural Housing

    Ok, here goes... I have been waiting for folks to finally jump in on this very serious issue to a quite A+B=SEE solution... I have been researching and calling the County regarding rural living... first of all, most the Regs. mention "urban" housing, not "rural"... They had this issue back in the 60s...remember? Anywho... There is permitting for RV and Accessory Dwellings... up to Dec. 31st 2019... yes, two year window. Its great, both for property owners and folks needing affordable shelter!

    So heres the deal... Water has to be {city or well on property}, Sewage has to be {Porta Potty, or any storage tank that is pumpable or hook into current septic} Electricity! This is where there is a discrepancy...big time in my opinion. It states you have to tap into a private company utility system. Not Off Grid Electric! Anyone really want to support PG& E right now anyway? UhhhHmmm? Anywho... So research further finds Senate Bill SB-1069 in play here... State "mandate? for County and city to deal with much needed homeless shelters needed waaay before the fires.

    Sooo. There is some verbage in SB 1069 that prohibits using the need to hook into "the grid" as being a reason to keep folks from having warm, safe shelters. Makes sense! Especially considering...What was the whole point of technological advancements if this is not one of the greatest benefits.

    Contact Clay to get more info...

    I am actually looking for clients... to place these great solutions and help advise as to set up and creating a very nice off-grid living for very affordable.

    I am looking for co-signing for finances to move forward and help start placing folks. We do plan to contact someone at the Redwood Credit Union... Any referrals appreciated.
    Blessings to all in the Storm...
    let's connect... Maybe we could do breakfast at Howard's in Occidental for a meetup regarding this.
    -Clay Inthepottershands
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