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So Long and Thanks for All the Fish!

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    "Tuko Pamoja" Occidental Fire Relief Reachout

    Fire Relief Occidental and Beyond
    Mission "Tuko Pamoja" Swahili for
    “We are together.” Denotes a shared sense of purpose and motivation in a group. It transcends mere agreement, and implies empathetic understanding among the members of the group...

    Heads up Occidentalians and beyond... Thought Adjusters of Urantia, said owner of building 3690 Bohemian Hwy, random community members have opened a temporary Faith led GRASSROOTS relief for...
    ALL OF US, which we are fire victims. ~~~~
    Coffee, Tea, Snacks
    ~~~Couches, to just be, reflect and process traumas, and dont forget to laugh, it is very important for healing in between tears and where do we go from here??? discussions...
    ~~~~Clothing from baby to papas and in between is here. We also have access to many more if sizes and types are brought to our attention.
    ~~~~Some snacks and non parishables...
    ~~~Toilettries, feminine products and
    ~~~Some bottled water...
    If you need a little help, "wherever you were" prior to The Storm we are in or not, please come by.
    We are progressing as it goes and will transition when in need. GRASS does this...

    We have musical instruments on a humble rug with a few pillows. More partitions needed for massage table area.

    Folks that have lost all material possesions are in Occidental still and have needed the services... The dishwasher next door was our first person to serve. His 10 year old daughter and him lost it all with no insurance... warm clothes, clean socks, a cup of tea and open ears were his solstice that night here. The owners did not know yet that they were faithfully opening doors to their own folks. Beautiful...

    We have gotten full insurance for 30 days to cover liabilities if needed and are funtioning under a non 501c3...
    We "are" however...funtioning under *For* spiritual/material "Faith" based donations, after all... Santa Claus is watching...

    We will humbly recieve financial contributions for small things needed as they arise and for relocation efforts as we move through this.

    I, will write a reciept and can be a tax deductible donation through other paperwork filed.

    More folks,with needs!
    You... to keep helping! those in your emmediate needs effeciently until such opening arises to help us...

    Trust has led us this far,and Trust will continue to blow the winds of these sails...


    We have some plans of scheduled music and talks surrounding the subject of "Tuko Pamoja"...
    Where to GROW from HERE???

    Bless you all, om the community of Occidental and beyond through ALL FAITH leading to servitude of Unified purpose and Love

    -Clay InthePottersHands
    AaaUuuMmm... OUR WAYS... Home!
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