Those of us who are the National Indigenous Congress (CNI); indigenous peoples, nations, tribes and barrios of this country, make a call to the indigenous and non-indigenous peoples of Mexico, to the honest human rights organizations, to the communications media, to the scientific and intellectual community to repudiate the repressive escalation against compañeros and compañeras of our peoples where they have been naming council members to make up the Indigenous Government Council for Mexico, which to us represents an aggression against the CNI and the proposal that we have launched to the whole nation. Therefore we denounce and point out that:
In Chiapas, the hostility and grave tension increase that the bad governments have generated in the Tila ejido, due to the political bosses tied to paramilitary groups in their attempt to bring the bad government to the community, as is the paramilitary leader of Paz y Justicia, Arturo Sánchez Sánchez, and his son Francisco Arturo Sánchez Martínez, who, firing shots and accompanied by more people belonging to their organization, closed access to the town of Tila. Recently, on June 5 of this year, they blocked the highway that goes from Tila to Salto de Agua in front of the integral hospital of Tila and another part on the highway from Tila to Yajalón, including blocking roads inside of ejido lands with masked and armed individuals. The escalation of the harassment sharpened starting with a mobilization that this group carried out last June 2 in the city of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, headed by followers and paramilitaries of Paz y Justicia.
We place responsibility on the three levels of bad government for what can occur and we call for solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the Tila ejido.
In the same state, the rich once again seek to snatch away the land recuperated in a dignified way by our brothers of the San Francisco community, municipality of Teopisca, members of the Semilla Digna (Dignified Seed) work group. The harassment is carried out b y three rich men: Juan Hernández Molina, Pedro López Girón and Pedro Hernández Espinoza. Last June 4 of this year, Mr. Pedro López Girón presented himself, accompanied by a group of approximately 50 people that violently destroyed the crossbar, barbed wire and the fence near the pasture that marks off the lands recuperated on September 19, 2016. That day, they threatened the compañeras with violating (raping) them sexually and threatened them with evicting them overnight accompanied by public forces. We condemn these cowardly attacks, and we demand complete respect for the territory recuperated by our brothers in San Francisco.