Hi Wacco Family:
A mother of three here in Sonoma County is looking for a bit of assistance, in case you are or know someone in a position to help. Her name is Gina LaMark, and she is mother of 3 daughters. She has a beautiful spirit, and is very passionate about life and her family. She was just diagnosed with a rare bone marrow disease called Myelodysplastic Disorder/Aplastic Anemia (https://www.aamds.org/diseases/mds). This disorder causes the bone marrow to not be able to produce healthy red blood cells, which are needed to sustain her life. No one can explain why this has happened to her. She has always strived to live a healthy lifestyle, so this is such a very emotional and stressful diagnosis for her whole family. The funds she needs are to help to pay for medical expenses, lodging, caregiver and food that are not covered by her medical insurance, and she will have to live near the Stanford Medical Center in Palo Alto, away from her family, for 3 months. The doctors at Stanford would like to start treatment very soon as every day is critical for survival rates.

Gina says "I am not ready to leave this earth without a fight. Living a full life with my family and friends would means so much to me. My family and I would be so very grateful if you could contribute anything you can so I can be free from this disease and get the very best care available".

I know this family. They are very dear, good-hearted souls. So I was inspired to share this on WaccoBB this morn. And I am donating to her fund, and visualizing the return of her health. What I am sure of is -- if we all helped this family, we could get her down there and through this treatment. Peace and Blessings, and long healthy life to us all. Here is the donation link: https://www.youcaring.com/ginalamark-783631


Thanks for sharing in any way you can think of. J.