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    A conservative's point of view on health care

    This article seems to be pretty effective at revealing the thinking behind people who resist ACA. Key things to note: there's a strong emphasis on the moral impacts of government programs (e.g. coddling the population rather than encouraging a sense of personal responsibility), very little emphasis on those who don't have the means or ability to manage their own care, and magical thinking about a world where it will all work just fine if government gets out of the way. It's missing the respect for the rights of corporations and there's not much about the need for good christian morals. But otherwise, pretty complete.

    He's pretty clear that he thinks most people's health-care problems result from weak moral character, encouraged by the government. He ignores the problems that would arise if people don't live up to his expectations. And he imagines that somehow medical care will be made more accessible and plentiful, driving down costs, without hinting at how that could happen.

    All that being said, he's reasonable (or sounds reasonable). Many of his observations are at least somewhat true - who can deny that people should take responsibility for themselves? But people who adopt his point of view will never implement solutions that work, because they don't provide for people who act the way people always have before.

    Quote Whether it's health care, education, or almost anything else important in a society, that society breaks down unless individuals and families take at least some personal responsibility to procure, promote, and preserve those essentials. Health care is probably the best example of this important truth because it's not only about making sure you have access to and can afford good care. A responsible person will also eat right, exercise, and get regular checkups.
    ... the message for years has been all about what the government or society owes the people when it comes to health care. We haven't heard much about what the people owe themselves and society. A government that willfully abdicates some of its power in order to promote personally-managed entities like health savings accounts is a government that is actually putting the people first. ... Getting back to the issue of personal responsibility, the Republican plan sadly continues one of Obamacare's assaults on that by keeping the requirement that "children" up until age 26 must be allowed to remain on their parents' health insurance plans. On its face, it seems like a nice thing to do. The argument goes that lots of Americans in their 20s are unemployed, underemployed, and too saddled by student debt to be able to take on the additional cost of health insurance.
    But the answer to this problem is not to make younger 20-somethings yet another protected class.
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    Re: A conservative's point of view on health care

    Ah yes, the "personal responsibility" trope that is a favorite or (often wealth, white, and male) conservatives. On itsface it isindeed a hard thing to argue with. Never mind that it completely ignores the reality of most americans.

    Odd that "Citizens United" gave corporations the rights of a person- but none of the "personal responsibility".
    No need to pay women as much as men. No need to provide healthcare for their workers. No need to pay a wage that someone can live on and buy their own healthcare.... And while we have numerous laws (being weakened as type this by Trump) to protect workers and communities from issues of companies harming worker, communities, and the worlds health...we have seen time and time again corporations and businesses follow their only true responsibility- profits... and gamble they can get away with things for decades if not forever- then pay lawyers for decades to fight any charges...and still come out ahead financially.

    It also ignores that fact that even in 2017- we still do not have an even playing field. Minorities- including women, are still at a serious disadvantage. Poor communties as well, regardless of race. They don't get the same education. Never have the same oppurtunities. And just look at examples like the auto industry and other manufacturers moving to southern states - taking advantage of poor and often under educated communties with few options. People willing to work for low wages. Often "right to work" states where Unions have no power. Where they are given free land and huge tax breaks- which further degrades schools and other public services in the communities where they live. Where they are often allowed to use "temporary workers" in large numbers- which often are for all intents and purposes full time workers just without the normal rights they would otherwise be afforded.

    Then we can discuss insurance companies that (before the ACA at least) could deny anyone with a pre-existing condition. Had great freedom to drop sick people (then see the previous point). The points above- people having to work full time (and often more) to provide themselves or their families being unable to access basic healthcare and preventive medicine because they have to work full time.

    Yep...the problem is personal responsibility. But that only apples to the normal people- the rest are exempt from ANY responsibility...
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