confident, competant person(s) sought to occasionaly ride with
loping and trotting, narrow trails, ability / willing to dismount when needed, able to split up if desired or needed

I LIKE: to quitely enjoy nature, low voices, ride side by side when we can, let people pet my horse, move calmly to the side for passing, take advantage of teaching moments, learn new things, lope and trot
I DO NOT LIKE: yelling at people, banal talk about pop culture, expecting other park users to dive in the bushes, taking half an hour to get ready, being late
saying you have to leave in half an hour AFTER we started, smoking, not allowing or understanding normal horse behavoir

If you are under 5.5 and 125 pounds you can ride one of my horses
I am willing to teach persons with good attitude and confidence

Lisa 707 575 9106 707 321-5728