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    Staffing cuts at SWMC: Good thing WCHC is hiring

    SWMC just cut staffing by 16 percent. To my knowledge, this is the third time in the hospital's history as a public entity that it has cut staffing by more than 10 percent. And it seems as if all the consultants they are hiring are from places far and wide with no local contracts and they have to hire nurses from a staffing agency. Does anyone recognize any local names in the stories about the hospital anymore?

    Pipeline is singing the same tune Brim sung about seven years ago. Brim was seen as the hospital's savior at the time.
    SWMC's losses have reached $1 million per month and even if they find another $400,000 laying around, the losses will continue to mount as Pipeline laughs all the way to the bank.

    Is this what y'all signed up for? Is this what was promised from the beginning?
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