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So Long and Thanks for All the Fish!

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    Evalena Rose
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    Strengthen our Community

    Dear ones,

    Youíve tasted the sweetness and felt the power of being held in a loving circle of hearts during LoveJourney events, help others do the same by contributing to our GoFundMe campaign today!
    click here now

    Your gift to the Circle of Hearts Scholarship Fund is a tangible way to pass on the beauty of this path for those financially challenged, welcoming them into the healing embrace of LoveJourney.

    Help us open doors to those who struggle hard to make ends meet ~ our students, the differently abled, single parents, the underpaid ones who teach and care for our children, beginning entrepreneurs.
    Your Donation Supports Healing, can be tax deductible

    Listen to Arisika describe the value of being a scholarship recipient.
    (click the picture to see the video)

    Let your bounty support self-growth and sexual healing!

    Founded on a principal of encouraging diversity and inclusiveness,
    LoveJourney:Tantra of the Heart, offers workshops and fosters a sex-positive, compassionate community that supports ongoing growth and transformation.

    "Such incredible heartfulness in the community you gather. It brings tears of gratitude. Such sweet connections with people."

    We have enough scholarships to support 3.5 people on their path to growth.
    12 more people need your help. YOU make a difference!


    • Become a temple angel by contributing a large tithe to spiritís work. One large sum or monthly automatic payments (call to arrange).
    • Donate $50-$100
    • If you've received our financial support, help those who follow with even a small amount.
    • Even if you would like to apply for a scholarship, donate a small amount towards this campaign to provide support and foster the generosity of this scholarship fund.
    $15,000 of scholarships are requested each year.

    In addition to donations, we could use your help spreading the word to your friends and family.
    Please share this campaign.

    Share our GoFundMe campaign with your friends and family, on Facebook and other social media sites. Help strengthen the diversity of our wonderful Tantra community!

    Letís support this as spiritual work, with offerings and tithes. Please breathe deep into your heart and see at what level you are called to give. Donations of all size welcome.

    Your generosity changes lives and opens doors.

    You can help carry this gift forward!
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