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    How your contributions to Redwood Credit Union are distributed to Red Cross, etc.

    I've been investigating this, since there was a question about whether RCU transfers funds to the Red Cross, and if 100% of the contributions actually help the Valley Fire victims. I sent an email inquiry to the RCU a week ago, and haven't received a response.

    Finally, I have something that gives some information on how that money was generally distributed, but am still investigating details of how much has been received, and what the distribution has been, and to whom.

    This is information from the statement on the Davis Patch site "Relief Fund for Fire Victims"

    "Contributions to the fund may be made at any RCU location via cash deposit, direct funds transfer or check payable to Redwood Credit Union. All contributions will be distributed to nonprofit agencies and first-responders in the Lake County community to assist with Lake County fire relief efforts."

    This indicates that money may have been given to the Red Cross, in addition to other agencies.

    My research continues..... If anyone has detailed knowledge about this, please share with us.

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