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    Dear Air BnB-er's

    I have had the wonderful opportunity to stay in an Air BnB while traveling and I enjoyed it so much better than a hotel. Yes. I imagine for all those who like hanging bed sheets to dry on the line and make beds and play host as much as I do, we in Sonoma County must be able to count ourselves fortunate. It's a pleasure to give and be friendly and earn a little for our efforts. (not that I offer this.)

    On the other hand, the more and more I talk to older, established community members, the increasingly aware I've become of how many homeowners in this area have an Air BnB. Looking it up online blew my mind!

    I am writing now to make a general appeal to those who rent small quarters for travellers.

    There are many families in need of affordable housing. I am saddened to note how many 550 sq ft apts cost so much (with or without mold). There are so many wonderful single parents out there or young families who are struggling to make ends meet. There are so many families who have to spend 75-80% of their income on rent and eat less than they'd like, especially if they happen to be nursing. As you know, housing is a greatly difficult issue in our area now.

    Other people with whom we have no relation certainly don't need to become your concern but they concern me and it is on the behalf of the low-paid working person with family values for whom I speak.

    If you have an airbnb, as the school year gets ready to begin, please consider going local when it comes to renting your accommodations. Thank you.
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