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    Seeking contributions for my sister, who's struggling to survive cancer

    My sister, Sharon, is 74 years old, lives in Vermont and is dealing with advanced cancer. She is in great need of help at home but presently has no hot water in her home. The boiler that provides her hot water needs repair, and she owes the heating oil company for past deliveries.

    This campaign is to raise $2,000 to cover the cost of her unpaid oil bills and to get the boiler repaired. If these things don't require the whole amount, the excess would go toward our costs for special medicine (currently $35-$40 a day).

    If you feel moved to contribute, any amount will be greatly appreciated. More about her situation below.

    Here's a link to the gofundme campaign.

    We believe it is possible for Sharon to survive this illness! What she needs most right now is someone to provide housekeeping (she lives at home alone) and perhaps other assistance. This would enable her to make the transition to a special diet (ketogenic) that is said to work well for shrinking tumors. We're hoping she'll be able to get state funding for a caregiver. But without hot water, it would be difficult for a caregiver to help her with hygiene and keeping the house in order (if someone were even willing to work under such conditions).

    Sharon worked many years as a devoted caregiver for a quadriplegic man, and we feel it's time for her to receive the help she needs.

    Many thanks for reading and, if you choose, contributing!

    Clint Summer
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