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    Hotspring 44

    We need more young people like Zack Kopplin

    We need more young people like Zack Kopplin.

    I really like the way he makes his points in conversation.

    A video well worth a look-see.

    The video gives me hope that there is a good chance for reasonable forward going.

    If there were more outspoken and well put together thoughts as Zack Kopplin has done in this video.

    Snippet from text part of article:
    Quote Zack Kopplin on Keeping Creationism out of Public Classrooms
    March 1, 2013
    From the time he was a high school senior in his home state of Louisiana, anti-creationism activist Zack Kopplin has been speaking, debating, cornering politicians and winning the active support of 78 Nobel Laureates, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the New Orleans City Council, and tens of thousands of students, teachers and others around the country. The Rice University history major joins Bill to talk about fighting the creep of creationist curricula into public school science classes and publicly funded vouchers that end up supporting creationist instruction.

    “Evolution and climate change aren’t scientifically controversial, but they are controversial to Louisiana legislators,” Kopplin tells Bill. “Basically, everyone who looked at this law knew it was just a back door to sneak creationism into public school science classes.”
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