Aloha Sonoma County Community!

It is my honor to extend an offering of by donation sessions for the summer months of June, July, and August! I am experiencing deep gratitude for life and wish to extend 45 minute transformative healing with free email support. The sessions will be over the phone. I have trained in various modalities, and practice extensively with my self and others over the past 3 years. The results and process continue to be true gifts that I desire to share with others as we all deepen our awareness of the divine unfoldment. Transformation facilitated by the connecting of individual souls is a blessing and I invite you to join me. If you feel drawn to lightening "the load" and embracing the way of the light heart awareness within please connect with me. We will create miracles together.

I have included a testimonial:
"I have worked extensively with Savannah on a wide range of material, and she has helped me shift so much in my life that it looks completely different than it did even six months ago! She is a creative, clear channel for Source and gently shines a light into the darkest places so they may be healed in an instant. Savannah's calmness and compassion is such a gift. Aho!" -ES