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    Angora Bucklings and Doelings for Sale

    We have two Angora bucklings and one two Angora doelings for sale born on 3/13 and 4/27 that we are offering for sale for 200 and 400. Our girls are ideally suited as a fiber producer/pet for someone that likes doing fiber arts and friendly grazers and can be bred if you decide to start a small herd or already have a herd of your own and are being offered for 400.

    Our boys will be weathered before being rehomed and are ideal as fiber goats and to help manage grass and other vegetation and are being offered for 200. Angora goats are very personable & friendly and are called the dogs of the goat world. They are not escape artists that try to climb out of everything.

    A good varied diet with orchard grass in the morning, field grass and the right veggies and treats help these goats produce some incredible mohair fiber come sheering time. Angora goats produce super kid fiber from their first three sheerings, which can be spun to make fine knits like scarves, sweaters, hats, gloves or used for other fiber arts. When they are older their fiber gets a little coarser and can be used as a blend or for weaving, felting or to make natural cord.

    I have my goats tested yearly to ensure a low micron count and even my adult does have micron counts at 30, which is exceptional for 3 year old does and puts their fiber in the yearling/ young adult range. I also pay equal attention to my herd's health and conformation too to ensure that all my goats have ideal health and a long happy goat life.

    If interested and you are not familiar with these magical goats, I can assist with creating a foundation, but if serious a couple of books are a must have and enough room and a good shelter is important too. If interested contact me at 707-338-2998 or respond to this post.

    All of our darlings can be reserved and I encourage new owners to come out often to visit with their kids, but will not be ready to go to their new homes until they are weaned at three months of age
    ~ Lisa
    Sonrisa Family Farms
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