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    Senate committee passed fast-track for TPP - We can STILL STOP IT

    Did anyone notice this? We can still stop this in the House of Representatives but we gotta act now.

    Also, I'm a volunteer with 350 Sonoma County, a local climate action group. Please go to our Facebook page, and share or "like" the posts re: TPP (4 posts at the moment, maybe more in upcoming days). They were posted on 4/20, so you'll have to scroll down the page a bit to find all four posts.​

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Daily Kos <[email protected]>
    Date: Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 12:01 PM
    Subject: You live in 95401. That's why we are emailing you.

    The Senate Finance Committee passed fast-track legislation for the corporate Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal last night, and it looks set to pass the Senate soon.

    But we can still stop it in the House of Representatives. Most Democrats and some Republicans are opposed to a deal that corporations are allowed to read, but is kept hidden from the public.

    In fact, Nancy Pelosi just said the House Republican leadership doesn’t have the votes to pass TPP yet.

    Please call your member of the House of Representatives at the number below, and leave the following message with the office:
    Unfortunately we could not identify your legislators.
    “As your constituent, I am urging you to reject legislation that gives the President fast-track approval to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The TPP is a secret corporate deal that will endanger American jobs & the environment. Please vote no.”
    After you have made the call, please fill out this questionnaire and let us know how the phone call went.

    Can’t make a phone call? Please send a quick email to your House member today.

    Keep fighting,
    Paul Hogarth, Daily Kos

    [Note that Jared Huffman, the US Representative for most of greater Waccovia, is on record against the TPP ~ Barry ]
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