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    Timothy Gega

    Oracle Of Opportunity

    Oracle Of Opportunity

    Teach Or Learn
    Nothing awakens the Mind better
    than repeating a series of bad experiences.
    Nothing Teaches the Mind / (Memory) better
    Than repeating these same series of experiences.
    Over time, these repeating series of bad experiences
    (That has awakened all the senses and faculties within one,)
    Is what puts one into the position of becoming a Master Teacher,
    (For helping others to achieve cognizance and clarity in the future).
    Embrace every obstacle like an Adventure rather than a Failure.
    These are the experiences that makes one a Master Teacher.
    Overcome this old victimized (thinking) mentality
    And step into the new learning power of
    Your Own Spiritual Mastery.
    The Messianic Legacy in the Age of Aquarius
    Anything Can Be An Obstacle Or An Opportunity
    Teach Or Learn - TEACH OR LEARN - Teach Or Learn

    ©2012 Tim Gega -Emotional & Spiritual Awareness & Literacy
    - Suicide Prevention Since 1986 -
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