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    Timothy Gega

    The Poet’s Landscape

    The Poet’s Landscape

    Yearning - longing - craving -desiring
    needing - wishing - wanting -hoping:
    These are the fertile fields for cultivating poets.
    This is our garden, our landscape and green thumbs,
    where we nurture and nourish and toil to make life hum.

    One turn of imaginative soil for growth,

    One interpretation generously watered with care,

    One morsel of cure for the troubled soul,

    One grain of self-healing tendered,

    One painful blister shared,

    One sprout of faith in mind,

    One vision resonating with all mankind,

    One leap up from the Earth to the Sun,

    To be one with thee,

    One flowering rose,

    One healing prose,

    Each poet sows,

    There something grows.

    ©2011 Tim Gega
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