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    Timothy Gega

    The Internet Slow Lane

    The Internet Slow Lane

    The day has arrived to become totally cognizant,

    That all of our computers arenít worth one shiny red cent.

    The debate rages on for this war of net neutrality,

    This biting of angst has become our new found reality.

    The Telecom mega-corps have completely robbed us blind,

    They eat us up now by deleting large bits of our precious time.

    With each failed reboot we move more like old dino-sloths,

    The poetís life has become fragments of tattered terra bit-cloths.

    Computers are moving slower and disrupting this modern life,

    Our rhymes are now lost in these rebooting times causing strife.

    They move us so slowly that we are now their neo-slaves,

    With this new toy gone bad our time is no longer saved.

    Slower and slower are their services that we all cannot move,

    Communications get lost in their old corporate price-hiked groove.

    They sold us every device, in new modern devolved incarnations,

    With hardwares, softwares, and Terabytes all frontloaded with frustrations.

    They sold us on spywares, and anti-viruses for every new-fangled protection,

    Then the media-mega-giants turned around and gave us unmitigated defections.

    They always cause panic but their CS mailboxes are quite full,

    They offer us something but bait and switch is their golden rule.

    They are buying and selling our very personal information,

    On their own black-market websites with no guilty reservations.

    Credit monitoring is shot and many customers were affected,

    So go to the end of the line (again) R2D2 and wait to be repeatedly rejected.

    We do business with these businesses that put the almighty dollar first,

    While their associates of employee's are all starving and dying of thirst.

    So, where is that utopian future that they had all sold us and promised?

    Well, they moved it offshore living the tax-free life in the sunny Bahamas.

    ©2014 Tim Gega

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