I'm looking for another female cancer survivor or female partner of a cancer survivor who would like to attend the Healing Journeys Conference in San Josť on September 5 and 6. For anyone who is not familiar with this conference, it is a labor of love started by cancer survivor Jan Adrian 20 years ago to bring together cancer survivors and their partners to learn about the many lifestyle changes (diet being just one of them) that can reduce risk of recurrence as well as improve health overall. The presenters range from naturopaths and integrative physicians to spiritual leaders to performance artists. I've attended two of these conferences and found the experience inspiring and empowering. Due to physical limitations I'm unable to drive myself to the conference. I'm willing to pay for the gas and tolls for the entire trip. It would involve an overnight stay, and we can discuss whether shared accommodations are possible. For more information, check out the healing journeys website: https://www.healingjourneys.org/deta...se-2014/#dates

I'm also considering attending a weekend retreat with Jonathan Ellerby in November at a resort in Sonoma. Here are details for that event:


Interested? Please email me at [email protected] and provide your phone number.