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    Make the banksters compensate owners for stolen homes.

    Thousands of families in the US, many including children, lost their homes through fraud--either in the foreclosure process itself or through dishonest practices leading them to be saddled with sub-prime mortgages.

    The US government needs to file a law-suit against all the fraudulent mortgage companies and banks, suing for monetary compensation to their rightful owners in the amount of money already paid on the mortgage plus an amount to be determined by the Court. If any such homes are not currently inhabited, they must be returned to the defrauded owners and any further mortgage payments cancelled.

    If the executives have to sell their Lear jets, halve their retirement packages or otherwise repay some of the ten trillion dollar bailout, in order to make such compensation, then they must do so or go to prison.

    The home buyers were honest and made their mortgage payments to the best of their ability. Those homes rightfully belong to them; make the larcenous bankers give them back or pay for them.
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