I am an advanced student of Somatic Bodywork at the Strozzi Institute in Petaluma. I am looking for one or a few practice clients who can come to my home in Cloverdale as often as 2 times per week to be practiced on!
I have been studying a variety of bodywork since 2005 and have a skilled and caring touch, though the work I am currently practicing is relatively new to me. Sessions will be 30-60 minutes. My work in guided by feminist, anti-violence, and anti-oppressive frameworks and I care deeply about healing individual and societal trauma.

I would welcome, but not require that these practice session be done as some kind of trade for vegetables, herbs, honey, beeswax, bodywork, garden help or house repairs (or?)

Please e-mail me and let me know:

Why you are interested in receiving Somatic Bodywork.
With what frequency you would want to come and what part of the day, week etc you are available.
What questions you have about the work and my competencies.
Whether you would like to trade or offer anything in exchange.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Jonah Aline Daniel
[email protected]