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Thread: Some new terms
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    Scott McKeown
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    Some new terms

    A few months ago I offered a term to describe an interactive dynamic I've seen during some contentious discussions about controversial issues here on Waccobb:

    tr. v wac-co-izid, wac-co-iz-ing, wac-co-izes,

    1. To be personally called out by name and humorlessly attacked online after posting a humorous critique or fact that goes counter to the prevailing and accepted alternative tribal-cultural worldview. Contents of waccoize attacks often seem emotionally based and usually include attacks for positions not taken or mentioned in the original posting that generated the waccoize attack. Waccoizing usually occurs in progressive-left communities and is very often associated with fear-based issues and/or issues commonly known as a "conspiracy theories". "Jason completely agrees with the need to be vigilant with monitoring for Fukushima radiation, but he was totally waccoized by six people when he posted that scientific paper."

    Here are a few more for your consideration:

    Vaportroll (noun)

    Someone who creates a temporary anonymous account on Waccobb for the sole purpose of blasting away at people using personal insults while hiding their true identity. Typically, vaportrolls reveal their own idiocy without help from anyone through their own emotional angry rants. Usually a vaportroll is someone who has their worldview challenged in some way and can't seem to not take things hyper personally. Used as in, "We were having a fairly civil debate online when all of a sudden this vaportroll showed up and had a meltdown."

    Debunkbot (noun)

    Someone who consistently pounces on and ridicules anyone on Waccobb who offers up any controversial idea or conspiracy theory that is not accepted by the mainstream without any open-mindedness to consider the evidence that's presented, to the point of irrationality. Debunkbots tend to be knee-jerk contrarians who seem highly self-satisfied by their smug displays of supposed cleverness. Used as in, "Did you actually go to any of those links and check out what was posted, or are you just being a debunkbot?"

    Kennedy Syndrome (noun)

    The observed phenomenon on Waccobb that during the course of an online debate about a controversial issue in the general realm of "conspiracy theory" eventually a proponent will offer up the Kennedy assassination as somehow proof of the conspiracy theory in question, regardless of its relevancy. The Kennedy Syndrome is usually seen when rational arguments have run out and is fallen back on in some desperation. Used as in, "I was asking whether there was any substantial evidence to back up that claim and all I got was the Kennedy Syndrome."

    Conspirysteria (noun)

    A state of being where someone after making an extremely fear-based and outlandish claim on Waccobb becomes highly agitated and incredulously defensive when asked to provide some reasonable data to substantiate the claim. People suffering from conspirysteria seem to believe they have no accountability all all to offer any compelling evidence about what they just said, no matter how preposterous the claim. They often attack anyone who asks for evidence while at the same time feeling persecuted themselves for being asked. Used as in, "He claimed all sealife in the Pacific Ocean is dead because of Fukushima radiation and that everyone must evacuate the West Coast immediately or die, but then became all conspirysterical when somoeone asked him if he had any substantial evidence to back that up".

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    Scott McKeown's Avatar
    Scott McKeown
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    Re: Some new terms

    Quote Posted in reply to the post by Scott McKeown: View Post
    This is just an attempt at a little humor after observing some unnecessarily rancorous discussion about some "conspiracy theory" type issues here on Waccobb.

    Here are a few more new terms for your consideration. I hope nobody takes it too personally.


    Linkrage (noun and verb)

    Linkrage is a state of being where someone who suffers from it lashes out in anger and hurls personal insults at other Waccobb participants who question the quality of some third-party internet source of information they find to be credible. This condition almost always affects people who have a strong personal belief about a certain idea or worldview, often one that is extremely unconventional and in the realm commonly known as "conspiracy theory". Somehow, people acting out in linkrage feel they are being personally attacked whenever someone negatively critiques a third-party source, such as a website and video, that they feel validates their belief system. These attacks often seem highly irrational and are not provoked by any personal attack on them. Linkrage attacks typically don't even address the critique of the source that has been made, but rather make character assaults on the person who is posting the critique. Used as in, "I posted that I couldn't find anything on that website that resembled a peer-reviewed science study, and for that I got severely blasted by linkrage."

    Turdpicking (verb)

    Turdpicking is done during contentious online debates on Waccobb very often by debunkbots who go to a third party source offered up as evidence by the side they disagree with and pick out the very least credible information they can find and use that information to then try to completely discredit the entire source. Debunkbots often seem to smugly relish in their ability to do effective turdpicking. Used as in, "Dude, you totally turdpicked that one bit of outdated information and completely ignored all those other current reports".

    Kool-Aid Sensitive (noun)

    People who are Kool-Aid sensitive very easily believe what they happen to read on the Internet, regardless of how much the source may lack any recognizable credibility. People who are Kool-Aid sensitive seem to have acquired very little or no critical thinking skills or the ability to discern credible sources. Used as in, "My friend read on some alien website about how the Shadow Government is breeding lizard humans to unleash on the world, and he's so Kool-Aid sensitive that now he completely believes it without question."
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    Re: Some new terms

    It's not just Waccobb. Scott's spot-on descriptions fit a sizable number of entries on most online forums I've seen. Discussions of even seemingly innocuous topics routinely spiral down into mud-slinging brawls. It's a big turn-off for a lot of people, me included.

    Quote Posted in reply to the post by Scott McKeown: View Post
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    Re: Some new terms

    I think you are right Scott about the vapor troll.... The only problem is that s/he was likely controlled by a reptilian overlord as well attempting to give the grounded folks who share his perspective (with out the personal insults) a bad rap. It looks like a technique to discredit a pretty clear truth about chemtrails. The message is actually totally reasonable and I buy it more than most of the other "facts" I've seen here, but the delivery quickly causes many to discredit the whole thing. "What a jerk, I would much rather believe the calm linkers."

    LINKER (noun)

    Some one who has a long standing account on Waccobb for many possible reasons. They often bring information and "proof" from links from throughout the internet with little regard for the intuitive aspects and alternate realities that help to shape our existence. While most "linkers" are well meaning, they often lack awareness to formulate an argument that encompasses the broader thinking necessary to fully understand the stated issue. Still through their sweet and bumbling ways they manage to find comfort in one another and through it all build some resemblance of a community.


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    Re: Some new terms

    So clever. I mean that, not sarcastic.
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    Marilyn Meshak Herczog, EA
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    Scott McKeown's Avatar
    Scott McKeown
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    Re: The Onion totally nails it again (Vaccinations)

    (Related to the argument that vaccination is scientifically linked to autism and not related to misgivings about vaccination for other reasons.)

    Some of the discussion on this thread has inspired me to identify a new term to be added to the Wacco New Terms Dictionary.

    Inepticism (noun)

    A belief system often found on where all authoritative sources of information are dismissed by definition merely because of the fact they are authoritative. In this belief system all expertise, particularly if supported by respected institutions whether they be NGO's, professional organizations, non-profit institutions, professional journals, universities, medical institutions, and particularly governmental agencies regardless of the country, is not to be trusted, leaving remaining only amateur bloggers and those with little or no training in the field to be cited as sources of truth. The anti-authority excesses of inepticism readily dismisses hundreds of thousands of trained professionals who have dedicated their lives to a given field in the belief that they have all either been paid off or are beholden in one way or another to corporate interests or shadow government conspiracies and have all sacrificed their integrity to harm the public good. As in, "I cited the CDC report on Wacco and it was immediately poo-pooed by some inepticists as obviously misinformation simply because it came from the CDC."
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