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    About: MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt

    Hi Everybody,

    Many of you have noticed messages in your digest that look something like this:
    This happens when a link is created in the post that displays some text as a hotlink that looks like it could be a website but it links to a different web address.

    For instance, if there is a link for (that's not a link) but it resolves to "", the "dumb" MailScanner software, that lives someplace out on the internet, doesn't realize it really is the same thing (the text doesn't match exactly). So it warns you that it appears the link is pretending to be link to one website but it really is going to take you to a different website.

    The case they are trying to prevent is something like: Please log into your account. But the link takes you tp!

    So there is nothing to be concerned about in the posts you see here. If you are posting and using the link tool () to make some text into a hotlink, be sure the text doesn't look like it could be a website (, etc.) so it won't be tagged as a possible fraud attempt.
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